Valentine’s Day is full of opportunities for restaurants to increase sales. Toast reported that over 30% of consumers celebrate the day by dining out! But it can turn into a nightmare if you’re not prepared for it. Here are a few ideas to save Valentine’s Day from becoming a dreaded day and make the best of it!

Set the theme right for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is all about setting the right mood. Decorate the restaurant with flowers, dim the lights and set up romantic, cozy tables for your guests. Ask about which flowers they like when taking the reservation to personalize the evening for them!

Special Menus for Valentine’s Day

Prepare a special menu for the day with clean and romantic dishes. Nobody wants to wipe marinara sauce off their face on the most romantic day of the year! Opt for less sauce, bite size foods, and chocolatey desserts instead. Prepare some shareable plates for 2 and give them cute names. Customize the design of your menu with hearts, balloons, flowers and soft colors to fit the mood. Show how much you care about their experience with small details.

Give a gift – Something to remember

Everybody loves to receive gifts, especially on a day like this! Surprise your guests with small gifts to take home after dinner. This can be anything from a single rose to a gift card. Or a complimentary dessert from the chef! Your guests will always remember the gesture and appreciate the thought.

Get ready for ‘proposals’

50% of all marriage proposals happen on Valentine’s Day. It is very likely for your restaurant to witness one too! Ask your guests if there’s any plan of a proposal while taking reservations and make sure to have some confetti, gifts and complimentary desserts on hand. Warn staff beforehand to be prepared for surprise proposals as well!

Going the extra mile!

If candlelight, rose petals and fancy glasses are too mainstream, go the extra mile with these bold ideas:

  • Get a string quartet. Enhance the mood with some live music. Fill the awkward silence for new couples! Your guests will love listening to the soft background music between conversations.
  • Frame the door with flowers to impress guests upon entry. Everyone will feel special by stepping inside the restaurant.
  • Place a photobooth in a corner to help couples commemorate their most special Valentine’s Day.