FineDine Delivery & Pick-up

0% Commission
All orders on the same platform
Correct contact info
with every order
Keep your branding on delivery & pick-up menus
FineDine Delivery & Pick-Up Menu for Increased Profits

FineDine data shows that consumers spend up to 25 percent more when ordering directly from a restaurant’s own website. Share your menu link on your website or Instagram bio and customers can view it on their own mobile devices.

All Devices At Your Restaurant Are Integrated and Work In Harmony
FineDine is integrated with your POS and kitchen printer. All orders can be sent to your existing system automatically to offer a simple & streamlined process.
Tailored for Your Business Needs
Offer delivery, pick-up and curbside order options on the same platform to cater to needs from all customers. Set your own working times, delivery fees and minimum order values for the best profitability.
Own Your Customer Relationship
Restaurateurs can save customer data and build direct relationships with their client base while offering safe, contactless, delivery & pick-up directly from their restaurant.
No Extra Commission – Your menu, your customer, your profit
FineDine doesn’t take extra fees or high commissions for online orders. Your entire sales revenue is yours to keep.
Multiple Payment Options – Online Payment or Cash & Credit Card at Delivery

FineDine partners with online payment systems to allow restaurants to take payment directly from their digital menu. Guests can make their payment online before submitting their order so you don’t have to worry about it!

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