FineDine Kiosk

Easy, fast self-ordering technology for your business

FineDine Kiosk allows you to display your entire menu with vivid pictures and detailed descriptions. Your customers can make super easy and fast decisions with the kiosk. They can easily select all the items they want to order and submit their request. Utilize recommendations to upsell and cross-sell directly on the menu for higher sales!

Improve Customer Experience

Reduce waiting time at the checkout with a super fast ordering system. Customers can place their orders and get their ticket number immediately to proceed to payment. With FineDine Kiosk, customers are able to submit orders accurately through a user-friendly interface.

Real-time data on service quality

The system keeps track of all your sales & view data and gives you a performance overview. You can easily check daily/weekly sales and compare results. Check what works best and what doesn’t for your business to decide what to improve!

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