Improve the Guest Experience

FineDine helps restaurants increase sales and customer retention by digitizing the dining experience.

A great meal starts with the menu

Get your restaurant’s customers hungry with a visually striking, contemporary digital tablet menu. Appetizing visuals and tasty descriptions make it easier than ever for your diners to decide what they’re hungry for. And it’s available in 30+ languages for more people than ever to enjoy.

Create a digital tablet menu in minutes

Our user-friendly, easy-to-use web interface makes it easy to create your digital tablet menu in no time at all. You can customize your digital tablet menu and manage your orders from anywhere with all your data stored securely in the cloud. And if you find yourself getting stuck, our support team is on call to help 24/7.

Add an item with one click

Add new items to your menu at any time. With Finedine Digital Tablet Menu, say goodbye to reprinting costs. Change names, ingredients, pictures, and prices of your products. Create seasonal or daily menus, set up happy-hour offerings, or change the design for special days and events. Update all devices instantly with just one click.

Understand your guests better

FineDine Digital Tablet Menu keeps track of what your customers do on your menu. It helps you identify successful and unsuccessful items, daily sales and what brings you the sales. The dashboard gives an analysis of all these, and it’s accessible anytime with one click. Listen to your menu, and it knows what’s working.

Seamless order management

Finedine Digital Tablet Menu integrates with your POS system, sending orders straight from customer to kitchen and creating a seamlessly integrated platform for both the user and you. Orders can even be printed once they get to the back of the house for the ease of your staff. Micros 3700, InfoGenesis, NCR Aloha, POSiTouch, Heartland Dinerware, Brink POS, Simphony are some of our POS integrations. More to come soon, stay tuned!

Would you like a side with that?

With Finedine Digital Tablet Menu, you can add deal and pairing recommendation to your digital tablet menu easily. So when someone orders a steak, you can recommend a great wine pairing instantly. It’s a great way to get your restaurant’s customers to try your favorite sides and new recipes.

Serve up all the info about your food

Is it gluten-free? How many calories? How long will it take to make? For diners who want to know it all about their food, Finedine Digital Tablet Menu can deliver all they could ever hope to know about the dish they’re about to eat.

The Only Tool You’ll Ever Need

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Show & Sell More

Increase average ticket size with tempting pictures and cross-selling function.

Collect Feedback

Collect instant and effective feedback from your customers in seconds.

Eliminate Reprinting Costs

Change your menu anytime, update all devices instantly with just one click.

Food-forward thinking

Finedine Digital Tablet Menu is currently being used by hundreds of restaurants all around the world, making mealtime more enjoyable for all. 




"The biggest change was being able to update and/or change menu items in seconds. We also realized people buy more and they are willing to try new items when they see a picture of it."

– Cenk Ozdemir, Manager, Spiro’s Lounge, NYC

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