Solutions for Cafe & Bakery

FineDine QR and Tablet solutions are easy to use and learn and could be adopted by cafes and bakeries. Receive orders anywhere, anytime, and increase sales with FineDine solutions.

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Keep your customers happy at your cafe!

Include delicious images of your baked goods and beverages and add detailed product descriptions. Customer satisfaction in your cafe is increased by eliminating errors in communication.
The need for service personnel is decreased in the long run,
Increasing efficiency in staffing
Receive more tips from happy customers

Edit your menu at your cafe instantly

With FineDine, you can fully control and edit your menu anytime. You can make quick changes to your menu, add or remove items, and include daily specials such as pies or sandwiches with one click. Your menu will be updated automatically across your café, website, and social media.

Offer smart recommendations to your customers

FineDine’s AI-powered technology identifies the most preferred combinations of items at your cafe, or bakery. Make smart recommendations such as Black Coffee and Breakfast Sandvich to your guests and maximize your revenue.

Understand what your customers love

With the help of FineDine, you can understand your customers better. You can track which beverage or pastry sells the most. Understanding the purchasing patterns of your customers at your cafe is the key to maximize profit.

Find which beverage or food item provides the highest margin
Understand and analyze view/sales data
Compare beverage and food sales periodically

Avoid queues at your cafe

Integrate your POS with FineDine. Guests can order from their seats with the FineDine QR or Tablet menu. The orders will directly go to FineDine’s panel and your POS. As a result, you can provide faster service at your cafe.
Shorten wait times
Reduced time spent to pay
Efficient operations

Collect feedback to maintain high customer satisfaction and service quality

Ask your guests what they think of their time at your cafe. Collect scores and comments through FineDine to automatically save and review them. Take action towards negative feedback immediately to increase guest satisfaction.
All your feedback is saved on the cloud
Export your feedback results anytime
Improve your menu based on your customers' feedback.

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