FineDine Dine-In Order System

Improved Table Turnover

Higher Quality Service

Reduced Staff Training

Tablet Menu and QR Menu Options

Guests can browse your menu and place orders from the FineDine Tablet Menu or FineDine Mobile Menu.

Guests can browse your menu and place orders either from your tablets with FineDine Tablet Menu app or their phones with a QR Code that launches FineDine Mobile Menu. Each table is registered on the system with specific table numbers and QR codes for efficient order tracking.

All Devices At Your Restaurant Are Integrated and Work In Harmony
FineDine is integrated with your POS and kitchen printer. All orders can be sent to your existing system automatically to offer a simple & streamlined process.
Servers Focus On What Really Matters
A server’s true job is to ensure service quality and maintain customer satisfaction. Leave everything that can be automated to FineDine so servers can make sure that each customer has the best experience possible.
Offer Pairings and Cross-Sell with Smart Recommendations
Waiters don’t have to memorize sides & drinks anymore! Let FineDine list the best recommendations for you or pick your own recommendations based on what you want to promote.
Easy Online Payment & Increased Tips
FineDine partners with online payment systems to allow restaurants to take payment directly from their tablet menu or smartphone. Guests can add tips to their bill and pay all at the same time which increases the tip amount.

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