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A Faster Order and Service Process

Starting with browsing the menu till self-check-out, let your customers have the best ordering experience. Avoid lines at your venue, improve guests satisfaction, and cut employee costs.

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Improve efficiency at your fast-casual restaurant

Let your guests order from kiosks, tablet menus, or contactless QR menus easily. Avoid lines in your restaurant and increase efficiency at your fast-casual restaurant. Payment integration will also avoid customers from piling up at the counter, allowing them to order more.
• Increased Customer satisfaction
• Efficient operations
• Better payment process

Display your menu with<br/>eye-catchy photos and product descriptions

Display your menu with
eye-catchy photos and product descriptions. Use your logo and branding to match your menu. Control and edit your menu anytime. Your menu will be updated automatically across your diner, website, and social media.

Provide a smooth checkout experience

Your guests can easily browse through the menu and order their preferred meal and beverage without needing to call the staff. They can complete their orders with a credit card. Provide a smooth checkout experience.
• The need for service personnel is decreased in the long run,
• Increasing efficiency in staffing
• Receive more tips from happy customers

Faster Moving Lines

FineDine Kiosk makes the ordering process faster and more streamlined so the lines at the cashier will move faster and everyone can enjoy their food! The self-ordering kiosk allows guests to choose and submit their orders from the touchscreen, get their ticket number, and simply wait for it to be prepared with zero human interaction.

Eliminate high commission fees for 3rd parties

Integrate online ordering and take away menus in your venue. Let your customers order your food anytime and anywhere. Eliminate high commission fees taken by the delivery platforms. Simply create your menu online and display it on your diner, website, and social media.

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