Everything Your Restaurant Business Needs

Awesome features to streamline your restaurant business. Check them below.

1. Build Your Menu

There is always enough room to show any info you need about your menu. Customize your menu to reflect your branding.

2. Collect Orders

FineDine offers multiple ordering solutions to streamline your restaurant business. Setup in minutes dine-in or online ordering, or even both!

3. Sell More

Don’t make any blind decisions. Improve your menu with the analytics and insights about how your customers act in your menu.

1. Build Your Menu

Menu Management

Build and edit your menu anytime by yourself with one click. A faster and easier experience for all hospitality business managers.

Campaign Management

FineDine’s campaign module allows restaurateurs to display information on the menu regarding their daily/seasonal specials or promotions.

Theme Management

By using FineDine’s control panel, you can design a menu that reflects your restaurant's brand. Simply edit your menu design anytime.

Multilingual Management

FineDine supports over 40 languages which allow you to display your menu in any language you like so that you can offer information for all guests.

2. Collect Orders

Order Management

Guests place their orders on FineDine without any help. The orders are sent to printers at kitchen or to POS system and can be managed on the control panel.

Payment Management

%52 of the consumers want to make ordering and payment easier during dining activities. FineDine’s payment module allows you to take online payments.

Feedback Management

Create fully customized feedback forms to get the answers you need from your customers. Improve customer satisfaction with instant feedback requests.

3. Sell More

Artificial Intelligence Management

FineDine’s AI-driven interactive menus remember preferences and trends within the restaurant such as if customers usually order fries with their steak or drink coke while eating a hamburger.


Restaurants can display recommendations or the items they want to highlight. Promote your new dishes or display your chef’s pairings. Cross-selling allows you to increase your sales up to 20%.

Data Management / Make Smarter Decisions

The actions your guests make on your menu is precious. FineDine gives you a summary of the most / least viewed items along with most/least sold items and revenue share across sections.

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