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Flawless Order and Service Experience at your Hotel

Flawless Order and Service Experience at your Hotel

FineDine QR Menu allows guests to order whatever they like at the comfort of their room. Either with the QR Menu or Tablet Menu, guests can simply browse the menu in their preferred language, select their dishes, add notes if they wish, and complete the ordering process fast and easily.

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From hotel rooms to the pool/beachside - Receive orders anywhere, anytime!

Let your guest order their dishes instantly from the QR menu, while they are relaxing by the poolside or at the beach. Especially during peak times, offering an excellent customer experience could be hard due to a lack of staff. Increase service quality and enhance the ordering experience with contactless QR Menus.

Upgrade your hotel’s restaurant, cafe, and bar menu with better visuals and a contactless experience

QR Menu allows you to share your menu with any mobile device without having to download an application. Hoteliers can boost purchasing decisions through pictures and videos of the dishes & detailed information and enhance their sales by cross-selling with automated recommendations.

Offer in-room & concierge services to increase the comfort of your guests

Offer more comfort to your guests. You can customize your content, and let your guests order additional room services such as clean sheets, new towels, or even their choice of pillow. Assist your guests with concierge services such as making restaurant reservations, arranging spa services, or booking transportation from the same QR or Tablet Menu so your guests will enjoy their time.

Promote activities and amenities; Spa, resort activities, special dining offers

Inform your guests about the great restaurants, resort activities such as watersport or kids activities, spa & gym bookings, and all the other activities at your premises to make sure your guests have the best experience! Show all your services and promotions from the same contactless QR Menu and Tablet Menu so your guests won’t miss anything out. Display all information in multiple languages to maintain service quality for all guests.

Collect feedback to maintain high customer satisfaction and service quality

Ask your guests what they think of their time at your hotel. Collect scores and comments through FineDine to automatically save and review them. Take action towards negative feedback immediately to increase guest satisfaction. All your feedback is saved on the cloud so you can export your feedback results anytime and further work on what to improve.

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