A Guide to Explaining Digital Ordering to Guests

Coffee shop employees using digital ordering.
Idil Aras
Idil Aras
January 19, 2023

Restaurants must become more efficient than ever in order to maintain a seamless operation with a small staff because workers are hard to come by. Due to this, digital ordering has quickly replaced traditional ordering in 2023. It's a simple method to do both—give people what they want and boost productivity. In fact, the most recent OpenTable poll found that 61% of diners desire contactless ordering, payment, and menus by 2023.

Customers can now order delivery and takeout even more easily thanks to off-premises digital ordering. To enhance operations and make it easier for customers to place orders, restaurant owners can create a website, an app, or even both. A restaurant's daily operations could be more productive with the help of an online ordering system. On the other hand, when a customer orders something online, they take their time to look through the menu and familiarize themselves with any add-on discounts and offers that your company must be offering. The overall sale value per order may consequently rise exponentially as a result of this.

Customers can use their smartphones, tablets, or other mobile devices to place orders online whenever and wherever they are. There is no need for the client to call and disturb the person's privacy or a meeting in order to place an order for lunch. The client can place an order privately via a mobile app rather than having to speak on the phone. This guide contains all the information you need to know about digital restaurant ordering.

Ways to Explain Digital Ordering to Restaurant Guests

How to Explain Digital Ordering to Guests

An online ordering system is a computerized system that allows customers to place orders with a restaurant or other food-related businesses. Typically, customers can explore an online menu, make their selections, and electronically place their orders. The procedure is streamlined and made more effective by the integration of online ordering platforms with the restaurant's point of sale (POS) system. A restaurant's online ordering system has a number of advantages.

Educating Guests

You'll move more quickly toward this functional system if you notify your customers about digital ordering. You may provide customers with comprehensive information through various promotions and help your business achieve far greater success.

Utilising Visual Aids

You can show the tablet menu or QR ordering live. By doing this, your visitors will have a clear understanding of the procedure they may expect to encounter in practice.

Reasons to Encourage Digital Ordering

Increased Efficiency

By adopting an online ordering system, it is possible to deliver meals to consumers more quickly, correctly, and in accordance with their likes and purchasing habits, contributing to the creation of a fantastic customer experience that will keep people coming back and increase sales. There is no need to explore further if you are a restaurant owner trying to improve customer service and increase sales & brand awareness.

Improved Order Accuracy

An online ordering system eliminates numerous issues that can arise with traditional call-in orders. An online ordering system can help customers have a better ordering experience, encouraging repeat business. Bad connections, background noise, mix-ups caused by miscommunications, wrong delivery orders, etc., are some of the things that can be avoided.

Reduced Order Time

Because there is no wait for service, visitors spend fewer minutes at the table, allowing you to seat more groups and increase revenue.

Challenges of Digital Ordering

Cost of Implementation

You should prepare to incur costs while converting to digital ordering if it is a new system for you. We can start by discussing this circumstance if we're looking for something unfavorable to say regarding digital ordering. It should be noted, nonetheless, that these costs will allow you to work more quickly and effectively.

Security Concerns

Once an order leaves your store, you lose control over the experience. Customers will still hold your company accountable if something goes wrong, though. Ensuring clear, succinct contact with delivery service drivers would help to reduce these losses. When you combine your point-of-sale system with third-party platforms, orders from third-party ordering channels flow directly into your POS, providing you full insight and clearing up some of the complexity while keeping you more strategic plus focused on proactive communications.

Training Staff

Explain in detail to your staff how the new online ordering system will simplify their life, increase income, and improve business processes. Less time spent on orders-related phone calls, a quicker turn-around, contented clients, and higher tips are only a few advantages. Don't forget to point out that obtaining hands-on expertise with the new technology will only enhance their experience as the entire industry moves toward digitization. They have perhaps never had a better chance to advance in their profession.

How to Implement Digital Ordering Easily

We are aware that consumer demands for change follow technological advancements. Traditional approaches are no longer as popular as digital ones. Here are the distinctive features of FineDine that stand out. A quick and simple service possibility is made possible by artificial intelligence-enabled QR and tablet menus like FineDine, which recalls client preferences, prior orders, and trends. By offering these things together in the next order, smart menus that keep track of the concurrently ordered items hope to promote cross-selling. Due to its tailored approach, this personalized consultant boosts customer satisfaction while producing more money. Naturally, we wouldn't anticipate this from a standard paper menu. FineDine can readily solve all the difficulties outlined in the previous section.

Menu Management

With a single click, you can easily create and change your menu at any moment. All managers of hospitality businesses can expect a quicker and simpler process.

Data Management / Make Smarter Decisions

The choices your visitors make from your cuisine are priceless. The most/least popular goods, the most/least popular items sold, and the revenue split between sections are all listed by FineDine.

Multilingual Management

More than 40 languages are supported by FineDine, allowing you to present your menu in whichever language you choose and provide information to all of your guests.

Artificial Intelligence Management

The AI-driven dynamic menus at FineDine track consumer habits and patterns, such as whether they often order chips with a steak or a soda with their burger.


Restaurants have the option of highlighting certain menu items or recommendations. Feature your chef's pairings or advertise your newest meals. You can enhance your sales by cross-selling by up to 20%.