How do Customers Benefit from Contactless Menus?

A professional man and woman seal a deal with a handshake at a table, highlighting the benefits of contactless menus.
Idil Aras
Idil Aras
November 7, 2022

The contactless menu is a simple yet ingenious innovation. A new way for customers to order food without waiting in line or using any other form of payment, the contactless menu is a convenient way to order and pay for food without fuss.

The contactless menu can do this when the customer's smartphone scans a QR code or connects to the menu via another route. It is sometimes the case that an app connects with the kiosk and allows the customer to choose what they want off of the menu. After selecting what they want, it can also process the bill through the app on their smartphone. Here are the benefits of contactless menus:

1. Faster service

Customers benefit from contactless menus because they allow customers to order their food without having to wait for a waiter to take their order and bring them their food. When ordering at a restaurant, people often have to wait for their food to arrive before they can eat. Despite the name, this is also the case at fast-food restaurants, lining up and waiting for their order to be prepared. Because contactless menus allow customers to place their order directly over their smartphone or a tablet provided by the restaurant, they can get their food faster than if they had to wait for someone else to take their order.

2. More Privacy

Another benefit of contactless menus is that customers can order privately. In restaurants where guests cannot use contactless menus, customers may share tables with strangers or sit too close to other tables. This means that customers cannot order in privacy for a diet or gluten-free meal choice without the fear of being judged by others.

3. Convenience

Customers who use contactless payment methods enjoy greater convenience than those using traditional credit cards. Contactless payments allow guests to pay at any time without having to retrieve their wallets or purse. In addition, they don't have to wait around while their card is processed — there is no need to swipe or sign anything! Guests simply pay with their card, via bank transfer, or another secure digital payment method in a breeze.,

4. Better customer experience

Contactless menus give customers the opportunity to order their food while on the way to the restaurant or parked outside on the curbside. This gives customers the chance to enjoy their meal while everything is freshly prepared and hot.

5. Improved safety

Restaurants that offer contactless options provide an added layer of security for customers. Because customers can order their food without interacting with anyone, they can feel safe knowing that no one is handling or copying their cards. This gives customers peace of mind, making them more likely to return to the restaurant.

6. Reduced labor costs

Because contactless menus require fewer employees, restaurants can reduce their staff size. This reduces the amount of work that servers must perform and saves money.

7. Acceptance

Contactless payments are accepted by many different merchants across the globe. Whether it's a hotel, restaurant, gas station, or grocery store, most businesses now offer contactless payment methods.

8. International Travelers

If you're traveling internationally, contactless payments are especially useful. You can use your credit card anywhere that offers a contactless menu — including hotels and restaurants in countries where you'd normally need to exchange currency.

Best Practices for Contactless Menus

There are a number of tools offered by different restaurant technology companies that offer a number of useful solutions. On the customer side, these solutions vary from better customer satisfaction to upselling and contactless menus.

According to user feedback, restaurant management solutions developed by FineDine seem to be the go-to choice of most restaurant owners and managers.

First of all, FineDine’s appealing digital menu is easily customizable and opens the portal to a wonderful shopping experience. Just by creating a QR menu, you can enable your restaurant to share your entire menu across all mobile devices.

FineDine offers a one-touch shortcut to design a free QR menu, get your orders, and accept payments. A visually engaging, modern, and confident QR Menu will activate your customers’ senses. Thanks to alluring pictures and mouthwatering descriptions, your customers will have an easier time choosing what they want to consume than ever before. And because it is available in more than 40 languages, a lot more people will find it convenient and enjoyable.

Last Words of Wisdom

There’s enough evidence that integrating the FineDine QR menu greatly improves restaurant services. Your guests will be able to make an order from their seats if you decide to enable the order and payment capabilities on the panel. Tracking is simple in this situation because everything is going ahead utilizing the same mechanism. By letting FineDine do it for you, your management;

    Has the capacity to build, edit, and manage the menu,

    Has the ability to cross-sell & up-sell to increase revenue,

    Can promote your dishes with the campaign module,

    Has the ability to display your menu in +40 languages,

    Receives contactless payments in a breeze.

To top it up with whipped cream, you may generate more than 30% more revenue using FineDine while enjoying a higher table turnover, larger ticket sizes, and increased tips. With only one click, you can update, get more control over your operations, save operational costs, and leave human error behind as a thing of the past!