How to Create a Free QR Menu

A person scans a QR code to pay for a pizza using a free QR menu.
Ayseli İzmen
Ayseli İzmen
October 27, 2022

Due to the pandemic, businesses have started searching for organizations that focus on customer health & ways to decrease touch by avoiding contact. QR menus have quickly become the new normal for restaurant menus thanks to their viable features. Today, customers who visit a restaurant no longer have access to a physical menu list but rather a completely digital menu that can be accessed by reading the QR code.

In addition to lowering the risk of virus transmission, using a contactless dine-in menu in your restaurants makes ordering simple and convenient for your customers. You can get free instructions on creating a QR code menu and give your guests a new method to find the hidden jewels that your establishment offers.

What exactly is a menu QR code, and how can you create one? You may make a free QR menu by following the steps in this article. Here are the advantages of QR menus and how you can create one.

QR code for the restaurant: What is a QR code menu?

A woman using a smartphone to order food from a free QR menu.

Customers can examine a digital version of a menu by scanning a QR code with their smartphone. It makes dining more COVID-friendly by doing away with the need for physical menus at tables.

Quick response, or QR, stands for exactly what clients desire in a restaurant setting. Similar to a barcode that you could see in a grocery shop, the square code is a picture. Customers are automatically directed to a website or app where the code is translated into understandable menu information when they scan it with their smartphone.

Customers may view the menu, choose what they want to buy, and pay on their phone a completely contactless ordering process- in addition to viewing the menu.

What benefits do QR code menus offer?

The QR menu, which entirely removes interaction, incorporates digital technology into business menus and gives businesses the option of customizing menu designs, continues to offer a variety of benefits to both the customer and business sides.

While QR code menus have various benefits, a few of these benefits are as follows:

    With the assistance of a digital restaurant menu, you are able to construct an infinite number of product alternatives and price details.

    By removing the additional costs associated with menu design & printing that are present in physical menus it creates the option for frequent usage.

    The cameras of the clients' mobile devices can read the QR codes that are only made available to businesses.

    Business-specific menus change design elements and enable modifications in a matter of seconds.

    The QR code menus don't require any contact and maximize customer health. Contact is completely eliminated because the system is entirely digital.

Suggestions for Designing a QR Code Menu that Entices Customers

You must create a menu that impresses your consumers and tempts them to make an order if you want to benefit from your new QR code menu and all of its advantages. There are numerous alternatives that might enhance your menu. To achieve the outcomes you desire, separate the necessities from the optional items and spend time creating your new QR menu. Here are some suggestions to make your new menu a hit.

Include a call to action

Why would a client use your QR Code? With Codes, your material is always accessible and only waiting for your customers to scan it and take action. Start off by letting them know what to anticipate from the scan. If your QR Code already includes a logo in the center, you may either add the call to action there as an image or all around it.

Upsell & cross-sell

Upselling and cross-selling are two of the strongest strategies for boosting revenue. Encourage consumers to buy high-margin products. For each item on the menu, display suggestions to encourage them to order more. Make a list of the things you wish to emphasize and promote.

Move beyond a free QR code menu

You constantly search for creative methods to increase sales, give your customers a smooth experience, and make the most of your team as the manager or owner of a restaurant or food service company. To achieve these objectives, you can make a free QR code menu.

Pairing your new QR code menu with useful technology that enhances the client experience will help you make the most of it. To maximize the experience for both you and your customers, look for a solution that offers cutting-edge technologies like mobile payments, a CRM platform, loyalty program integration, and much more.

Meet FineDine, A QR Menu Tool That Streamlines Your Restaurant Operations

Using data-driven digitized tablet and mobile menus, FineDine is a fast expanding technology firm that offers menu management, order, & payment solutions for a more creative and profitable dining experience.

The appealing digital menu is the initial step to a wonderful supper. Through a link or by scanning a QR code, the QR Menu enables you to share your restaurant menu across all mobile devices. The quickest way to design a free QR menu, gather orders, and accept payments is with FineDine. A visually arresting, modern QR Menu can make your customers ravenous. Your diners will find it easier than ever to determine what they want to eat, thanks to enticing images and delectable descriptions. And many more people than ever may enjoy it because it's available in more than 40 languages.

Restaurant services can become considerably more useful thanks to QR menus. If you choose to activate the order and payment features on the panel, the customer will be able to place an order from their seat. Everything is moving forward in this instance using the same system, making tracking easy. Utilizing FineDine, you may

    Get real-time feedback from your customers and more!

    Build, edit, and manage your menu,

    Cross-Sell & Up-Sell to increase your revenues,

    Promote your dishes with the campaign module,

    Display your menu in +40 languages,

    Receive contactless payments,

You may generate more than 30% more revenue with FineDine and benefit from higher table turnover, larger ticket sizes, and higher tips. With only one click, you can update, get more control over your organization, save operational costs by 30%, and do away with human mistakes!