How to Digitize Your Restaurant Without Letting Go of Board Menus

A hand touching a menu with delicious food on it - experience the convenience of digitizing your restaurant.
Idil Aras
Idil Aras
December 6, 2022

For a good reason, digital menu boards are dominating the restaurant industry. Businesses are aiming to reach out to their consumer base with digital tools and offer better service in the digital age. However, there are still a lot of eateries that prefer to use a printed menu. These eateries seek to transition to digital menus while still utilizing printed menus. Thankfully, you may now easily digitize your restaurant payments using tools like FineDine without letting go of your board menu. It is possible to go digital almost end-to-end with payments.

Let's talk about how to digitize your restaurant while maintaining a printed menu.

How do QR code payments work?

The customer uses their smartphone to scan the merchant's QR code to make a payment using a QR code for their purchases. After being scanned, users are directed to a payment page where they can enter their desired payment information or finish the transaction using a mobile payment service.

A QR code can only be read by one of the following devices:

-Barcode reader capable of reading QR codes

-Built-in camera on a smartphone or tablet

It only takes a few seconds to open the camera and point it at the QR code; once it does, a push notification will appear, prompting you to tap it to complete the necessary action.

Possible use cases for QR code payments

A man in an apron and gloves holds a phone while a woman holds a paper, showcasing the concept of digitizing your restaurant.


QR codes can be connected to feedback forms or social media profiles. In order to give customers access to the restaurant's menu so they can check it whenever they want, QR codes are a terrific tool.

Street vendors

The use of QR codes is common among street merchants. To make it simple for their clients to read the descriptions and submit payments, they can print QR codes for each item on their menu.

E-ticketing services

With the help of QR codes, customers using e-ticketing systems can choose the event or mode of transportation they wish to attend and pay for the tickets.

Utility companies

Utility service providers are incorporating QR codes into their customers' invoices. Customers proceed to make the payment after scanning the QR code on their bill.

International enterprises & QR codes

QR codes for businesses offer a superior marketing edge for all businesses in today's marketing standards. Leaping into the future is essential for corporate development because it is the future of marketing and business.

Different regions of the world utilize QR codes at different times. For instance, QR codes, which can have varying meanings depending on the country, have been utilized for a long time by Chinese consumers & street vendors. It has been noted that the market is expanding quickly in nations that use QR codes, and that expansion will not be easily reversed.

Tableside payments can benefit your business

Restaurants are starting to realize the benefits of tableside ordering and how much more it can do, which is why it is growing in popularity. A portable POS system that is tiny enough to fit in a server's apron pocket can increase the average check size, boost server tips, reduce comps and voids, and enhance the overall customer experience. A restaurant's lack of workers may help boost sales even when there is a staffing deficit. The key to controlling the future of the restaurant business is for operators to come back.


The business can establish the code; then customers can make purchases of their goods or services whenever and wherever they like.

Cheap to set up

Adding a manual point-of-sale system will cost more money for your company than implementing QR code-based mobile payments.

Simple to connect with new financial equipment and tools

You may incorporate payment methods or even add financial derivatives like cryptocurrency when you hire reliable fintech software development services.


Online or mobile payments made with a QR code are sometimes much faster than many common traditional payment options.

Give your visitors a quality experience of A+: FineDine

FineDine, which we can refer to as a new-generation menu design platform, is a crucial tool for businesses to measure what functions well and what doesn't, to receive immediate consumer feedback, and to incorporate digital payments. You can create your digital menu using a simple tool like FineDine and provide your guests with a brand-new dining experience that will allow you to provide better customer care. Due to FineDine's analyzing tools, service will be delivered more quickly, which will make clients happier as they leave your establishment.

Since its launch in 2015, FineDine has grown quickly to rank among the most widely used menu management systems worldwide. Let's examine the features of FineDine.

Mobile payments

While your guests use their phones to pay their bills, you can relax and enjoy your coffee! Accept e-wallets along with debit and credit cards. We make it possible for all of your customers to make payments by partnering with excellent payment providers. You have a number of alternatives for paying, including credit cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

Keep the classic service experience

Although we believe that your staff doesn't need to know every item on the menu along with sides, drinks, and special requests, you may maintain your customary level of service while providing a streamlined payment process. Spending less time paying the bills leaves more time for entertaining.

Payment options that are hassle-free

Allow your visitors to pay their bills in under ten seconds by scanning the QR Code with their phones. With this approach, your clients can pay the entire bill, a specific amount, or simply the products they wish to pay for. This function will save you a considerable amount of time in relation to the size of the groups you serve and will give a great experience for both you & your consumers.

Save client information

When a consumer makes a purchase, FineDine retains their name, email address, and order information. Later, they may use this information to make intelligent recommendations to other customers who share similar likes as well as to the original customer. You will have the opportunity to see how well you chose your restaurant as well as enhance sales and client happiness.
Start using FineDine today for free to see how you can carry your restaurant operations into the future effortlessly.