How to Enable Table Ordering via QR Codes?

A person using a smartphone at a table, engaged in table ordering.
Idil Aras
Idil Aras
November 7, 2022

Thanks to the developing technology, a transition to fast ordering has been achieved in the restaurant sector. In the system called table ordering, the desired request is transmitted from where you sit. Thanks to digital menus, table ordering has become simpler than ever. People want to be fast and practical while eating. They may also not want to communicate with other people. One of the situations used in such cases is the digital menu method. The benefits of table ordering include various factors.

By providing a practical solution, the digital menu provides a fast, practical, and effective order request. Ordering from the sitting place using the QR code is one of the services provided for the satisfaction of the customer. Customers speed up the process by specifying the food they want instantly on the digital menu without waiting too long. Table ordering for restaurants is one of the important methods for shy or shy people.

Take Orders Faster

People do not like to wait while eating. Fast consumption and quick meals are of great importance in terms of supply. People who come to the restaurant hungry are tense due to blood sugar. Therefore, it is aimed to become pleasant by eating instantly. Taking orders faster is one of the critical situations. In addition, social distance is maintained by establishing remote contact with waiters. Sometimes waiters may not be able to help with the order due to excessive density in restaurants. If overlooked, the waiter who comes to take orders is not seen for hours. In such cases, the benefits of table orders come into play. Digital menu is widely used in the restaurant and fast food sector. The applications, which were first launched in the United States of America, have influenced every region of the world over time. Table ordering is often used in Japan and China, where technological adoption is high. As a result of its widespread use in these countries, the digital menu system has become used in all countries. With QR options, getting quality service has been simplified.

Less Workforce

The use of the digital menu system has multiple benefits. Thanks to the QR code menu, less workforce is targeted, as well as easy ordering. In table ordering, savings are also made in staff costs and numbers. The biggest factor in the Benefits of table ordering is the workforce. Thanks to the QR code menu, it will be sufficient to employ fewer servers. In addition, 1 or 2 people are sufficient as the waiter will only be needed during the service. There is no need to reach the number of waiters, such as 15 or 20. While ensuring customer satisfaction, the expenses of the restaurant are reduced. In addition, while considering the restaurant expenses, it draws attention to be made thanks to technological progress. Reducing expenses by developing and keeping up with technology is a specific feature of table ordering for restaurants. For this reason, digital menus can be preferred in every restaurant, cafe, bar, and even in nightclubs. Account confusion and forgotten customer problems are eliminated. Today, many well-known fast food brands use the digital menu system when ordering food by car. The same system has become widespread in table ordering for restaurants. Probably, towards the end of the 21st century, a completely digital menu or QR menu system will be introduced, and electronic restaurant management without waitpeople will emerge.

Collect Customer Data in One Place

One of the biggest features of the online order system is the importance of customer data. Thanks to customer data stocks, it is possible to identify valuable customers. It is possible to know the customer portfolio and provide valuable customer special attention and reservations accordingly. The digital menu is available in the restaurant in the form of a credit card statement or bank history. All orders and payments made by the customer in the past and which dishes they prefer are revealed. It is possible to learn the tastes of the customers down to the wine they drink and offer various gestures or treats. It is practical to recognize the customer and to use the advantages of the QR code menu thanks to the data collection process. For these reasons, it is preferred to use a digital menu in order to provide both financial savings and quality service.

The world's most popular and well-known restaurants have switched to the digital system. Digital menu and table ordering are widely used in central places such as Dubai, Rome, Istanbul, Lisbon, South Africa, Seoul, Sydney, USA, Madrid, Mallorca, Paris, Amsterdam, Kyiv, Moscow, Tokyo, and Munich, not only in these cities but also in different and provincial regions. As a result of the impact of technology on every field, global practicality is in question. In the future, artificial intelligence will show unmanned consumption in all sectors.

Take Mobile Payments

Customers can pay for their meals via mobile devices via a QR code. Today, smartphones are widely used. There are almost no people without popular brands and smartphones. Phones, which have become a basic need, offer practical use thanks to mobile payment. Thanks to the digital menu, the mobile payments process is handled in a simple way. QR code payments provide convenience in terms of practical use. It is one of the most efficient transactions in order not to specify the amount of the account when going with friends or family. In addition, thanks to digital banking and practical credit cards, there is no need to communicate with the waiter. Inquiries about the sufficient balance on the card can be made via mobile payments via the digital menu. Globally, the method of cash payment and cash transport has decreased. Payments in every field and sector have switched to digital or mobile environments.

Go All-Digital with FineDine

FineDine, an end-to-end digital menu platform, handles everything when it comes to a restaurant operation—table ordering included. Optionally, brochures and menus are presented to the customer completely digitally. The customer makes the desired order via the digital menu with the table ordering process. In this way, menu costs and brochure costs are eliminated. Due to changing economic conditions, there may be instant changes in food prices. Due to these changes, it is practical to use a digital menu or QR code. Special discounts or promotions to be applied for valued customers are entered into the system through data collection. Notifications can be used on the digital menu for customers. The customer is made to feel special, and eventually, menu costs are reduced with better analysis and insight into everything that goes on in the restaurant.