How To Grow Your Restaurant Business via Instagram?

A person using their phone to snap a picture of a delicious bowl of food, with the intention of posting it on Instagram.
Ayseli İzmen
Ayseli İzmen
December 7, 2021

Instagram has completely changed the dynamics of the restaurant business. Nowadays, chefs and restaurant owners think of their menu items and their restaurant’s ambiance based on its “install-worthiness”. The more capturing and creative the food and the ambiance, the more photo-happy guests come through the door.

However, nowadays, restaurateurs face a bigger challenge: how can they differentiate their business with limited dine-in capacity or while their doors are only open for delivery and take-out? Can they still leverage Instagram to boost their sales during the pandemic? The answer is yes!

Here are five tips to grow your restaurant business via Instagram during the pandemic

Focus on your layout!

Today, many restaurants work with agencies to have a good layout on Instagram. If restaurateurs haven’t shot photos of their dishes or worked with a social media agency, now could be the best time. Many customers check out restaurants’ social media accounts before ordering. Once they see a particular dish that they like, they decide whether to order it or not. By working with a lifestyle photographer, restaurants can increase their likes on Instagram, and this will enhance their sales.

Integrate your menu on your profile!

Once the customer likes the food they see on Instagram, chances are they will order it once they see it. However, the platform they choose to order will directly impact restaurant profitability. If they integrate their online ordering menu on their Instagram profile, customers can directly order their food via Instagram with just one click. As a result, restaurants will avoid high 3rd party commission fees and enjoy increased profits.

Promote your business on Instagram!

Most of the restaurants use third-party delivery platforms because of the market space they provide. These apps could be beneficial to reach out to new clients. However, the pools in these platforms are quite large and competitive. So, it is quite hard for restaurants to differentiate and promote their products. However, let’s remember that Instagram is one of the biggest platforms for food lovers. If restaurants promote the photos of their dishes via Instagram, they can target new customers quite easily. Plus, once their menu is linked to their Instagram bio, customers who visit their Instagram profile will order their food directly.

Have a marketing campaign

Promotions are important, but it is essential to have the right strategy. Restaurants can specifically target their audience based on gender, location, interest, and age group. Once they specify their target segment, all they need to do is set up a budget and time limit. If they want to reach more customers, they can also work with influencers that could promote their brand. All of these efforts will increase brand awareness and the number of followers.

Own your community!

Instagram is the best place to start a community. Once restaurants reach a good number of organically grown followers, they can engage and communicate directly with their customers as if they are physically in the restaurant. Some restaurants create Spotify lists for their community. Others host cooking classes. It is important to create value for the community constantly. Once they have this, restaurants will no longer need a 3rd party delivery platform and enjoy an increase in brand awareness, sales, and loyalty.