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Inside Restaurant Digitalization: Q&A with OAKBERRY ACAI BOWL'S

Oakberry's Case Study
Ayseli İzmen
Ayseli İzmen
February 1, 2023

Today, we chatted with Mohamed Abdulla, the Marketing Executive of OAKBERRY, to discuss how FineDine digitizes OAKBERRY’s menu operations.

Which of FineDine products do you use at OAKBERRY?

We offer a Dine-In QR Menu and Tablet Menu at OAKBERRY.

Before FineDine digital menus, how did you display your menu? Why did you change it?

Before FineDine, we used paper menus to display our products. However, we switched to digital menus during the pandemic to keep our customers and staff healthy.

Also, delivering a successful customer experience is vital for our company. Paper menus were not providing value to our customers. So, we switched to digital menus to upgrade the customer journey at OAKBERRY.

Can you tell us about your menu management experience?

FineDine digital menus offer a user-friendly panel. We can make changes and updates to our menu with one click. Such an easy and convenient way to edit our menu at no additional cost!

How does FineDine impact your profitability?

At Oakberry, we switch our menus periodically. We add new products and offer weekly specials and seasonal products. Paper menus had a high printing cost. As a result, changing and updating our menu was difficult and costly.

By switching to FineDine digital menus, we saved the printing and agency costs.

We also realized that customers ordered more when we displayed our dishes with their high-quality photos. So, FineDine helped us to increase our profits.

What do your customers think about FineDine’s digital menus?

Our customers love to see the images of the dishes. It’s excellent for them to see the actual image of their orders. Some of our customers had bad experiences with the PDF menus. However, FineDine offers a user-friendly interface, so customers can easily view and browse our menu. We have not received any complaints. Our customers love it.