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Inside Restaurant’s Digitalization: Q&A with Nusr-Et(Saltbae)

FineDine Mobile App: An image of FineDine Dine-in QR Menu in Nusr-Et's Case Study.
Ayseli İzmen
Ayseli İzmen
December 1, 2021

Started its business activities in 2007, Nusret, aka “Salt Bae”, became one of the world’s most famous chefs.

    Nusret serves clients worldwide with Nusr-Et Steakhouse, Nusr-Et Burger, Saltbae, Cafe Di Dolce, Kebab, and Palace concepts.

    Currently, Nusr-Et operates in 7different countries with 27 outlets

    They digitized their menus during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Today, we wanted to chat with the marketing team of Nusr-Et to understand how they create a %100 contactless and more efficient menu.

Since when are you using digital menus?

We switched our operations to FineDine QR Menus in May 2020 and have used this system in all our outlets since.

Which features do you like the most?

We enjoy being able to make instant changes a lot. We can customize the content however and whenever we like and make changes with one click. This was very beneficial for us as we have a dynamic menu that changes regularly. We can add new items and remove items that are sold less very easily.

How did you decide to use digital menus?

We primarily decided to switch to a contactless solution in order to offer a safe dining experience to all our guests. As a premium brand, it was very important for us to keep our premium look and feel on the menus, which was a major concern, to be honest.

But with FineDine’s comprehensive customization options, we were able to reflect our brands perfectly on the menu. We appreciate the after-sales services and extra customization options, such as the freedom to use our brands’ selected fonts.

Have you experienced significant cost reduction with digital menus?

Yes! As our menu is very dynamic, we have new items and seasonal offers almost all the time. Being able to apply these to all our outlets from the same portal is very helpful. It helps save a huge printing cost as well as time.

It is also great to be able to remove items from the menu if sales don’t meet the target. You don’t have to keep stock and offer a dish with low margins just because it’s on the menu.

What is the reaction like from customers?

Our customers from all over the world love the QR Menu! First of all, it is 100% contactless and the safest way to serve our guests, which is very important for us. We placed warnings about COVID-19 precautions and the protocols we follow inside the menu to make sure all our guests are well-informed and can enjoy their food.

Second, it is great to have detailed descriptions, images, and allergen warnings that help guests make the best choices for themselves. Being able to showcase all our spectacular dishes has been great, which is nearly impossible on a paper menu with limited space.

Last but not least, FineDine QR Menu is excellent for improving hospitality. It has all the information available in multiple languages which makes our local guests feel even more welcome and valuable. It eliminates errors in communication and makes our restaurants a place for all guests.