Inside Restaurant’s Digitalization: Q&A with The Godiva Café

Godiva's Case Study
Ayseli İzmen
Ayseli İzmen
January 19, 2023

    Founded in 1926, GODIVA is one of the most famous chocolate brands in the world.

    GODIVA brand has continued to evolve for 95 years.

    From delightful chocolate ranges to Belgian waffles, The GODIVA Chocolate Café menu offers delicious and unique recipes by offering a top-notch café experience to their clients.

    To keep up with the trends and digitize its operations, The Godiva Café digitized its menus with FineDine in 2021.

Today, we chatted with the Customer Experience Manager, Jay Carlo Rivera, to discuss how The Godiva Café digitizes its menus to enhance the customer experience and raise profits at their venue.

How long have you been using FineDine Dine-In QR Code menus?

We have been using FineDine’s Dine-In QR Code since summer 2021, and we are delighted to digitize our menus.

Before FineDine QR Menus, how did you display your menu?

Before digitizing our menus with FineDine, we used paper menus to display our products. At The Godiva Café, we offer new and seasonal delights to our clients. So, each time we had a new item or wanted to eliminate a low-performing dish, we had to reprint the menu. Reprinting was not cost-friendly and took so much time.

Plus, over time, the quality of the paper was becoming poor, which negatively affected the customer experience.

How has digitizing your menu changed your operations?

Digitizing our menu helped us to increase our sales and profits and elevated our customers’ cafe experience. Before FineDine, we had problems with updating our menu. But FineDine enabled us to make instant menu changes and updates easily and quickly. For example, we recently launched our breakfast menu quickly with no effort.

In addition, through FineDine’s QR Menu, we can create sections for our combo offerings that increase customer visibility aside from our marketing collateral. We also highlight some of our offerings, which have significantly increased sales.

Finally, FineDine’s QR Menus are contactless. At this time of current events, it is safer to use a digital menu to contribute positively to society and avoid cross-contamination. So our customer’s experience is elevated.

After switching to a digital platform, is there any dish you included in your menu?

From FineDine’s panel, we can view the performance of our items and make changes accordingly. At The Godiva Café, we review product performance every quarter. This way, we decide whether to change or improve the products.

Which feature do you like the most?

FineDine digital menu offers a user-friendly design. We display our products with high-quality images and videos. As a result, our customers can see our delicious items before eating. In addition, we show pop-up photos with the campaign feature to let customers know about our recent deals or promotions. This is good for our marketing efforts.

We also like to collect customer feedback from FineDine’s feedback feature. This is very important because we can promptly interfere with their feedback.

Would you recommend FineDine to other businesses?

FineDine QR Menus is the best way to communicate and promote your campaigns to your customers. It is cost-efficient and offers a user-friendly design. Customers love to use interactive QR Menus and see the images of our delicious treats. FineDine increases loyalty and trust. As a result, I recommend FineDine to everyone interested in digitizing their menu management.