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Inside Restaurant’s Digitalization: Sonyo

Sonyo's Case Study
Ayseli İzmen
Ayseli İzmen
January 20, 2023

Sonyo, a rustic Italian restaurant known for its authentic dishes and traditional recipes, needed a solution to manage its menu and orders efficiently. They found the perfect fit in FineDine's versatile platform, which offers digital menus with pictures and QR code ordering. After researching and seeking referrals, Sonyo chose FineDine for its ease of use, versatility, and exceptional customer support. The implementation of FineDine's platform led to cost savings and increased sales for the restaurant, with customers praising the convenience and hygiene of the digital menu system.

Here’s Sonyo’s journey of meeting FineDine:

The Client

Sonyo, a contemporary casual dine-in spot known for its rustic atmosphere and authentic Italian dishes made with fresh ingredients and traditional recipes passed down for generations, offers a perfect setting for a romantic dinner, a casual family meal, or a special occasion with friends for indoor and outdoor seating.

The Challenge

Sonyo needed a QR code ordering and menu management system to make managing the restaurant more efficient and convenient for customers. In addition, they were searching for a versatile platform that supports digital menus with pictures. Thankfully, FineDine had it all.

Why They Chose FineDine

After conducting market research and seeking referrals, Sonyo chose FineDine for its ease of use, versatility, and excellent customer support. The system's QR code feature, menu management functions and the ability to include pictures of dishes in the menu were truly a perfect fit for Sonyo’s needs.

The Solution

FineDine's platform was easy to use and navigate, and its customer support was excellent. The restaurant was able to upload high-quality images of dishes quickly, make updates to the menu easily, and offer add-ons, special offers and upselling options that helped them increase their revenue.

The Result

The restaurant experienced significant cost reduction and increased sales since implementing FineDine's digital menu. Customers have had nothing but positive feedback about the system's convenience and ease of use, and they appreciate the hygiene aspect of digital menus. Here are the most fitting FineDine features that transformed Sonyo’s restaurant operations:

Restaurant Analytics

The restaurant benefited from the analytics feature, which allowed them to track which dishes were the most popular among customers. It helped them make informed decisions about what to keep on the menu and what to change based on customer preferences and popular items. Ebaa Albuloushi, an executive team member at Sonyo, shares the impact of FineDine’s analysis feature with the following:

“We've been able to offer add-ons, special offers, and upselling options that have helped us increase our revenue by at least 20%. Additionally, the inventory management and tracking features have allowed us to make more informed purchasing decisions, reduce waste, and lower our food costs, resulting in an additional increase of 15% in profits.”

Digital Menus with Images

Sonyo created an eye-appealing digital menu using FineDine’s easy-to-use menu design tool with high-quality images that complement their lovely dishes. Thus, guests could know what their orders would look like to create a better dining experience.

All-In-One QR Menu

Sonyo offered their digital menus via QR codes while, at the same time, being able to take orders from their mobile devices, which allowed them to leverage the restaurant analytics features.

“I highly recommend FineDine if you need reliable QR code and menu management services! With their excellent suite of features, great customer support, and easy-to-use interface, you won't regret using them!”

Ebaa Albuloushi

Executive, Sonyo KSA

Our feelings are mutual! At FineDine, we are really happy to be a solution partner for a restaurant that takes advantage of FineDine’s end-to-end features.