QR Code Use Cases in the Hospitality Industry

QR Code Use Cases in Hotels.
Idil Aras
Idil Aras
January 6, 2023

QR code use cases have a lot of potential for all kinds of businesses. Its broader uses, however, are also useful. There is a need to offer contactless solutions as businesses begin to reopen, such as restaurant menus that customers can access by simply scanning a QR Code or hotel QR codes that may be used to improve guest experiences.

Providing detailed data on the least amount of paper or other marketing materials is a practical approach to using QR codes in the hospitality industry. For a satisfying experience, having a QR code in the lobby, on QR key cards and receipts, and the room service menus is advantageous to both the guest and the staff. You can utilize QR Codes to help you prepare for the future as a restaurant, hotel manager, or other hospitality industry expert by offering payments, menus, check-ins, and much more.

QR code use cases in the hospitality industry

QR codes have been used in the hospitality industry for a long time now. They are often used to provide information about a restaurant’s menu, location or contact details. The use cases for QR codes in the hospitality industry are quite diverse and they can be applied to a wide range of different businesses within this industry. Here are the many QR code use cases in the hospitality industry:

Try QR codes to store gift cards for premium services on your mobile device

A man posing with a QR Code.

With a possible discount code as well as the option to share it directly with the gift recipient, Massage Wellness offers gift cards through a QR code that scans immediately to their website. Customers can purchase the amount of their choice there. The virtual gift card can either be scheduled at a later date or sent right away.

Sharing places & attractions

Setting up QR tags in your lobby to direct tourists to nearby attractions, open activities, & dining experiences according to their interests. QR codes can also guide clients to maps on their phones, minimizing the number of printed maps and pamphlets that are discarded.

Use QR codes to get feedback from guests at hotels to improve customer service

The hospitality and tourism industries thrive on getting consumer input to provide the greatest experience for their visitors. Normal practice is for hotels to leave a printed feedback form with the concierge before customers leave. In addition to being time-consuming and exhausting, this approach makes it challenging to keep track of customer feedback because collecting paper forms is a major undertaking.

When submitting a feedback form, include a PDF QR Code so that users may access it fast. The collection and organization of customer feedback and reviews in one location can be made easier using these feedback QR Codes.

Retarget potential customers

It is critical to increasing sales by delivering relevant advertisements and retargeting customers who visited the website but did not complete a reservation. Include QR codes in sidewalk marketing efforts, print media advertisements and billboards. Customers should be encouraged to scan the QR code to access the hotel's social media platforms and official website.

Promote events

One of the key attractions of any hotel is to engage visitors in activities and events. Most hotels feature in-house events, games, and other activities for guests to enjoy during their stay. Include a QR code on posters and brochures across the property to provide guests with an overview of the hotel's ongoing activities and events. Use dynamic QR codes that may be adjusted to modify the location, time, date, & specialization of the event without needing to deploy new QR codes each time a new event is launched.

FineDine Lets You Leverage QR Codes to the Fullest

A QR Menu app design with QR code use cases.

FineDine Menu is a SaaS menu management platform as well as a responsive digital menu app that enables restaurant managers to produce operational e-menus on iPads and Android tablets.

By enabling contactless ordering, you can give your customers more wherever they are!

By enabling simple access and ordering for your customers, we streamline hotel-wide service. Our QR menu makes it simple to keep customers satisfied whether they are in the pool, on the beach, or staying in without taxing your personnel.

Instant menu changes at your restaurant or café

You have complete control over FineDine and can change your menu at any time. With just one click, you can quickly alter your menu, add or remove products, and include daily specials like pies or sandwiches. Your menu will automatically be updated on your website, social media accounts, and café.

Apps with visual menus improve the mobile eating experience for your guests

The QR menu from FineDine aids customers in picturing their eating experience. They can assist you in boosting beverage and food sales, streamlining the ordering process for your clients, and providing your visitors with frictionless service.

Eliminate queues at your venue

Stay away from the lineups at your shop and concentrate on making your coffee. Connect your POS to FineDine so that customers may use the FineDine QR or Tablet menu from the comfort of their seats. The orders will be sent immediately to your POS and FineDine's panel. You're able to concentrate on what you do best, which is roasting coffee beans and making coffee, as a result.

Make your menu special by including in-room amenities & concierge services

With the help of FineDine, visitors can improve their trip with the touch of a button. They can order more pillows, fresh bedding, and towels and even use our QR menu to access concierge services online to reserve rides and make bookings.

Simple to use and to learn

Coffee businesses of all sizes may effortlessly digitize their menus with FineDine. Its QR and tablet menu solutions are simple to set up, operate, and comprehend. Because of this, your baristas won't have to spend much time learning how to handle the equipment and can keep brewing coffee.

It is simple to gather & act on customer reviews and comments

The success of your hotel depends on the input of its guests. Using FineDine, you can track customer feedback in real-time and identify potential service weak points. You may easily and quickly accept, save, and export reviews using our menu app.

During peak hours, update and edit your menu

You have complete control over FineDine and can change your menu at any time. With just one click, you can quickly alter your menu, add or remove products, and include unique cocktails. Are you running out of alcohol during peak hours? Make a fast edit right away and update your menu. On your bar's website, social media pages, and menu, updates will be made automatically.