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SanCarlo Bahrain Improves Efficiency and Increases Revenue with FineDine's Digital Menu Technology

SanCarlo's Case Study
Ayseli İzmen
Ayseli İzmen
April 27, 2023

SanCarlo Bahrain is a chic Italian dining concept offering an authentic Italian dining experience all day. They focus on small plate dishes, designed to be shared or enjoyed alone, using only the freshest and highest quality seasonal ingredients. SanCarlo Bahrain has been using FineDine's digital menu technology for almost a year, completely changing how it manages its menus.

The Client

SanCarlo, located in Bahrain, is a sophisticated Italian dining concept that brings the authentic flavors of Italy to Bahrain. Their dishes are made with fresh and high-quality seasonal ingredients and are designed to be shared or enjoyed alone. SanCarlo Bahrain has a loyal customer base that appreciates its variety and quality of food. To maintain its high standards and keep up with the latest trends, SanCarlo Bahrain implemented FineDine’s digital menu technology, which has improved its menu management and customer interaction.

The Challenge

SanCarlo Bahrain faced challenges with its traditional menu management system, which involved reprinting menus every time there was a change. The process was time-consuming and costly and often led to errors and inconsistencies across different locations. The restaurant needed a more efficient and flexible solution that could help them update their menus in real-time and provide a better experience for their customers.

Why They Chose FineDine

SanCarlo Bahrain chose FineDine's QR code and Tablet Menu plan because of its ease and convenience in updating their entire menu without having to reprint or adjust the entire PDF. FineDine's technology allowed them to quickly and easily make changes to their menus and ensure that all of their locations were updated with the latest information in real time, which eliminated the errors and inconsistencies that were common in their previous menu management process, resulting in a more seamless and efficient process.

The Solution

SanCarlo Bahrain has seen significant benefits since implementing FineDine's digital menu technology. By using the QR code and Tablet Menu option, they were able to duplicate and relocate menu items with ease, allowing them to construct new menus or change old ones with only a few clicks, which has made their menu more accessible to their customers, enhancing both the consumer experience and the effectiveness of their business operations.

The cost savings have been significant as well. Before adopting FineDine, every time there was a change in their menu, they had to regularly print new menus, which cost them money in printing costs and consumed precious time and resources. With FineDine's real-time updates, they no longer have to worry about the expense of printing new menus, resulting in a huge cost decrease. Although they haven't determined an exact figure or percentage, they estimate that they have saved at least $300 a month on printing expenses alone.

The implementation of FineDine's technology has also led to a significant increase in its sales and revenue. With the QR code and tablet menu feature, their customers are able to view their menu, place orders, and make payments faster and more efficiently, resulting in faster table turnover and increased sales. They estimate that their sales have increased by about 15-20% since implementing FineDine. In addition, they have noticed that their customers are more interested in their menu, which has resulted in an increase in the number of items ordered per table.

In the end, SanCarlo Bahrain highly recommends FineDine to any business looking to increase sales and improve the customer experience. The outstanding team at FineDine listened to their needs and concerns and incorporated their feedback into their software updates, showing their commitment to providing exceptional service, and our feeling is mutual.