Scan to Order | QR Code Ordering System

Couple enjoying wine and using phone for QR code ordering at table.
Idil Aras
Idil Aras
November 3, 2022

QR code restaurant ordering for dine-in is becoming more and more common over the past few years. Restaurants had to follow stringent hygiene regulations throughout the COVID-19 outbreak, which required them to figure out how to provide contactless ordering to customers. Therefore, several restaurants began using a QR code ordering system for booking tables & handling payments. Contactless alternatives are a clever approach to help many enterprises survive, from pubs & hotels to theatres and stadiums.

As the pandemic subsides, dine-in alternatives have resumed, but QR code ordering is going to stay. In addition to improving hygiene, QR-powered code apps have a number of advantages over paper-based alternatives. Let's begin by discussing the roots of the idea and the benefits of implementing a QR code scanning system to boost sales.

What exactly is a QR code ordering system?

QR code is an abbreviation for "quick response" and refers to a barcode that retrieves & contains information. Clients may use their phones to scan QR codes and purchase anything they desire from a specific webpage owing to this technology. The major function of the system is to drive clients to a menu, shopping cart, services, or whatever your organization sells / offers.

Buyers may browse through photographs & descriptions of things they're interested in using advanced versions of QR code ordering apps. In addition to online ordering, the system supports contactless payment via chosen ways.

How does QR code ordering work?

The most recent cell phones include a QR code reader built into the camera. If your device doesn't have scanning functionality, you may always download an app. All you have to do is keep holding the gadget till the notice and the code display in the viewfinder. After clicking on it, the URL connected to the code will open, and you can then place a purchase.

Advantages of QR code ordering

Let's take a look at the benefits of the QR code ordering system together.

You don’t have to share a menu

The amount of food that diners touch will be decreased in restaurants that provide QR code menus. There's no reason for a bunch tossing menus around while deciding what to get.

Reduced contact

Restaurateurs have the ability to restrict employee-customer interaction. Only waiters bringing meals to the tables will result in direct engagement.

Faster table turnover

As many clients as possible are served in an effort to avoid making them feel hurried. Customers may use this solution to scan the QR code menu before or even as soon as they take a seat.

Better visitor experience

Fast & simple product and service selection is made possible by QR code ordering. There is no misunderstanding between diners and servers, and nothing is forgotten to be noted down.

Minimum human error

Traditional ordering is susceptible to errors due to a number of reasons, such as a noisy setting, foreign accents, and speech difficulties. By employing a QR code restaurant ordering system, all of these are removed. Your customers may essentially connect with the kitchen directly using the QR code menu app. Customers may customize their orders to their preferences without worrying that the waiter would misunderstand them because they are submitting their orders directly to the kitchen.

Increased order values

Because there are no time constraints while purchasing online, consumers spend more money. Customers and diners will feel more comfortable adding products during meals, treatments, as well as other activities in this way. According to statistics, integrating a QR code ordering system into your business processes can result in a 30% rise in the average order value.

No printing costs

More revenue for the company equals less money wasted on outdated menu editions. Digital menus allow for the quick and inexpensive introduction of any updates.

Dine-in ordering & payment solutions: Meet FineDine

FineDine is a platform for creating next-generation menus for restaurants, hotels, and small enterprises. FineDine's digital menu goes far beyond a standard QR menu by combining all internal and external operations together on a single platform. This platform, which allows you to simply accomplish operations like delivery, order generation, and payment, also allows you to keep all of your revenue without paying a commission. Areas, where you may discuss comprehensive information, specials, and campaigns that you can include on the menu, will help you make a professional impression on your consumers.

FineDine provides your customers with a one-of-a-kind experience and an easy-to-use interface. Instead of scanning worn pages, clients will be able to examine the things they chose with high-quality photographs and even videos if desired. In comparison to the low-quality PDF menus that visitors dislike, this would be an excellent experience. Let's have a look at FineDine's features together.

A system where you can easily update and improve the content of your menus

It is not so easy to make daily changes and updates or present seasonal menus with classic menus. But with FineDine's digital menu, updating or enhancing your menus becomes something you can do with a few clicks whenever and wherever you want. FineDine digital menu allows you to add photos or videos to your menu, present your campaigns and special offers in this area, and include a description of dishes containing allergens in this area.

An interactive system that strengthens the user experience

Guests can browse the menu, see detailed product descriptions, give feedback, and order and pay using the same menu. Improving the user experience will increase customer satisfaction, which will indirectly increase the revenue of your business.

A tool that makes intelligent suggestions

FineDine digital menu connects with the customer. It uses eye-catching pop-ups to try to catch clients' attention. It makes wise recommendations in an effort to boost sales.

A system that collects data and analyzes customer movements

FineDine allows restaurateurs to compare each item's looks, sales, and menu placements to find the best content and layout for their business. This data enables restaurants to make better decisions and increase revenues while streamlining their operations.

With all these features and much more, FineDine is waiting to meet you with the smart solutions it will offer and the vision it will add to your business.