The Future of Restaurant Payments is Here, and You're Welcome to Join

People at a table in a restaurant, engrossed in their phones while enjoying their meal.
Ayseli İzmen
Ayseli İzmen
September 19, 2022

Restaurant payment trends, online and digital orders, have been on the rise for a while now, and restaurants are adapting to this by providing faster checkout methods. It is not just about the ordering process but also about how customers pay for their consumption. Until not long ago, the most popular payment methods in the restaurant industry used to be credit cards and cash.

Restaurant payment trends are changing nonetheless, and we can now see more and more restaurants offering a variety of payment methods, like mobile payments, contactless cards, and, most importantly, digital contactless payment. Offering multiple conveniences, such as the elimination of human error on orders and a super-fast checkout process, the future of restaurant payments certainly lies in quick payment technologies.

The future of restaurant payment technologies will be cashless, without a doubt.

The Future of Restaurant Payments

Mobile payment trend at restaurants with QR code scanning.

As restaurant owners, we may use technology and innovation in a variety of ways to offer guests different payment options while maintaining convenience and security. This is a mini-guide to walk you through the many types of payment systems that are on offer and their advantages so you can find the ideal option for your business.

Payments for Online Ordering

Online ordering streamlines the process by allowing clients to make their own payments, freeing up personnel to focus on other responsibilities. As a result, customer satisfaction rises as clients double-check their orders before paying, preventing order problems. Anyone with a mobile device may order food online, which comes quite handy.

When a consumer puts an order on your website, they may quickly submit transaction data such as credit card, digital payment, or mobile wallet. The greater the number of variants your restaurant can accommodate, the better. Whether a consumer is ordering curbside pickup, takeaway, or delivery, using online payments provides a more seamless experience.

On-site Orders and Payments

Tablets and mobile pads alike are essential for accelerating the customer experience as a whole. Moreover, your team can swiftly handle card or contactless payments without ever leaving the table if they have a mobile PIN pad. This simplifies operations and minimizes wait times. A tablet POS may also help floor staff with more sophisticated questions asked by guests, such as the contents of a menu item, and can even notify them when particular items are out of stock or no longer available. This allows employees to provide the best client service achievable.

The way it works in practice is that your waiter will appear at the table with their tablet POS or mobile pin pad after a table has finished their meal and is ready to check out. Rather than returning to a fixed POS system, the waiter may determine how the bill will be split, collect and take numerous payments, input tips, and print a receipt in one visit. Simple, practical, and error-free.

QR Code Gateway

QR codes allow for rapid payment and enable curbside and tableside transactions without the need for expensive gear like tablet POS or mobile PIN pad devices, making it a more cost-effective solution. It is not only cost-effective but also simple to set up.

To create unique QR codes with each check, all you need is the right software integration. Customers are already prepared to process payments using their own devices and with minimum interaction with personnel because most smartphones now come equipped with QR code scanners straight into the camera. Furthermore, all data sent via QR codes are encrypted, assuring the security of critical information.

Guests only need to aim their phone camera at the QR code to pay a bill. A notice will appear within a few seconds, and when they click it, they will be sent to a web page where they may finish the purchase.

Mobile Wallet Apps

Guests can utilize mobile wallets to pay with a tap of a finger or through their mobile devices, removing the need to exchange cards or cash. Mobile wallet applications enable restaurants to develop a better customer loyalty program by providing a quick, easy, and secure payment method.

Mobile wallets can aid in the promotion of memberships and provide a location for gift card applications.

Mobile wallet apps may be utilized in various ways, including with a mobile pin pad at the table. When consumers are ready to pay, they may use their preferred mobile device by holding it up to a pin pad. Select a digital wallet and confirm the transaction with a code or a fingerprint when presented with payment alternatives using a mobile wallet to pay for the meal online without a terminal.

Offer Fast Checkout with FineDine

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With FineDine, you can now settle a table in under ten seconds and increase client satisfaction while turning tables quicker. Increased client happiness translates to more tips as well. Statistically, FineDine’s mobile ordering and fast checkout increase average order value by 20%, save daily hours, and generate 40% more tips.