Tips to Improve Customer Service for Restaurants

An image of a man and woman standing in front of a window, representing enhanced customer service.
Ayseli İzmen
Ayseli İzmen
January 25, 2022

Although the restaurant industry may not be one of the first to come to mind when we think about highly competitive industries, it surely is. And unlike many other branches of business, there are not countless ways to go to stand out. Surely, social media, advisory platforms, and even Google Maps are good and effective in increasing restaurant customer traffic, but perfecting your online presence can be a bumpy road. It is the quality of customer service and the overall dining experience that helps restaurants truly stand out of the lot.

In online restaurant reviews, “service” and “customer service” are the highlights. You may think online reviews are old news. Still, they are the first place customers look at before going out to dine, and according to Harvard Business School, a one-star increase on a review platform can lead to a 5 to 9 percent increase in restaurant revenues. When we add the oldest marketing trick in the book, “word of mouth,” improving customer service is one of the most crucial elements in restaurant management.

Restaurants are constantly looking for new ways to improve customer service, at least the ones that aim high on the ladder. Since you’re reading this article, we’re sure you’re one of the visionaries. Following new restaurant trends and meeting the demands of the modern-day customer is essential, and you’re in the right place. In this post, we’re going to share our tips to improve restaurant customer service.

Keep your staff on the same page and standardize customer service

Consistency is one of the most important things in the restaurant industry. In a business where turnover rates are extremely high, designating the basic rules in the first place is a clever way to go. Although it’s not a restaurant, let’s take Starbucks as an example. Whichever franchise you visit, you know that you will have the same quality service, thanks to the brand’s strong policy on staff training. So, doing monthly staff meetings and keeping the newcomers informed about your restaurant’s customer service policy is essential; and with a strong approach, you’ll see that your customer service quality will streamline itself in a short time.

Take advantage of online reviews to improve customer service

It would be too naive to say that all restaurants should follow the same rules to improve customer service because all restaurants have unique customer profiles, so customer demand varies from restaurant to restaurant. Hence, studying your niche is the best way to go, and thanks to the internet, you have a giant pool of customer feedback. Check your Yelp, Tripadvisor, Zomato, Foursquare, and Google Business reviews and keep track of negative feedback. Ultimately, we’re sure you’ll find the best solution to improve your restaurant's customer service. Here are some questions that you can ask customers to improve the overall dining experience

Fill the wait time with unique experiences

Wait time is one of the biggest problems, especially for bigger restaurants. In many cases, it’s nearly impossible to shorten wait times, but don’t forget that there are always ways to turn things around. With a smart solution that integrates the whole restaurant operation, you automatically eliminate the chance of missing new tables. When that’s fixed, offering restaurant visitors a small entree is one of the greatest ideas to keep your customers satisfied while waiting for their orders. Here are some easy entrees that you can offer your customers. But turning the wait time into entertainment that’s designed based on your restaurant’s concept will not only improve your customer service score, but it will also enrich your brand.

Update your menu with guest favorites

Every restaurant that stands out has a signature dish. If you’re still not there, starting with improving your customers’ favorites is the most clever path to take. Keep track of your restaurant orders and make monthly lists of best-selling dishes. For the next menu update, don’t fix what’s already working; use the insight to create new signature dishes to steal the spotlight from your competitors. To keep track of the performance of your menu, you can take advantage of a digital menu and ordering solution that leverages the power of AI to see the real-life performance of your menu.

Elevate customer service by eliminating staff-related mistakes

Human nature is bound to make mistakes, even in the best-case scenarios. Once in a while, it’s natural to come across staff mistakes that may ruin your customer experience, and in some cases, it may affect your restaurant’s reputation. Thankfully, digital solutions for restaurants have finally come to the rescue. Here are three game-changing ways your restaurant can use digital solutions.

Digital orders

With a digital menu, you can automatically impress your customers, but that’s only the beginning of the many advantages of digital menus. Taking orders digitally also eliminates all human-related mistakes and eliminates wait times.

Digital payments

Today’s customer doesn’t want to wait for their bills; they want to pay and leave as soon as possible. Although it’s a relatively new restaurant trend, receiving payments via the online channel has been embraced quickly. With FineDine's digital menu, you get to offer online payments for your customers!

Real-time feedback

With our end-to-end restaurant management system, your customers can leave real-time comments about their experiences, which you can take advantage of for further actions, whether the reviews are good or bad.

Streamline your restaurant operations with FineDine

FineDine is an end-to-end restaurant management system that integrates digital menus, QR menus, online orders, table orders, digital payments & checkouts in the same place, so everything stays in control. You can design your digital menu with our easy-to-use system and give your customers a brand-new experience that’ll open whole new ways to improve customer service. Order a demo to see how we can revolutionize your restaurant management with a 360-degree solution.