What is Fast Checkout and How to Enable It in Your Restaurant?

A group of people enjoying a meal at a restaurant, with fast checkout for a convenient dining experience.
Idil Aras
Idil Aras
January 6, 2023

Since they essentially function as the payment methods of the modern world, QR codes are currently all the rage in the hospitality sector when it comes to fast checkout. Customers still sit down to eat at restaurants, though, obfuscating the distinction between online and offline. The dining industry has changed, and life has changed regarding how you deal with consumers and how you run your business.

To provide your customers with the greatest level of convenience while giving your company a chance to benefit from increased operational efficiency, it is wise to look to new types of restaurant checkouts in addition to developing new processes and possibly even a new business model.

From fast-food restaurants to fine dining establishments, several cutting-edge payment methods are being used to boost the effectiveness of food services. But restaurant operators want more: They want to make the checkout process even more efficient and want customers to use their mobile devices to complete the entire process, from ordering to paying. Here’s how fast checkout works and how to enable it in your restaurant.

Support Contactless Payments At Your Restaurant

You might want to provide your customers with the option to pay fast and contactless if you own a restaurant. There are lots of benefits to selecting contactless payments for your business. Due to rising health and hygiene concerns, particularly in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, it has been noted that many consumers and employees are happier with contactless payment when making purchases.

Additionally, fast checkout offers a special chance for time savings for both you and your visitors. There are numerous additional benefits to choosing contactless payment for your restaurant in addition to these.

Fast Checkout Benefits For Your Restaurant

A depiction of people dining together at a table, relishing a variety of food and drinks, with a focus on the added benefit of fast checkout.

The regularity with which clients choose your business will grow if contactless payments are dependable. Additionally, the quick execution of the practice will speed up circulation, giving your restaurant a better operational possibility. In addition to all of this, it is important to keep in mind that contactless payment generally has lower transaction fees.


When compared to customers who use traditional credit cards, contactless payment systems offer better convenience. The use of contactless payments enables customers to make payments whenever they want without having to dig through their pockets or purses. They also don't need to swipe their card or sign anything, so they can go on with their business without waiting around! Guests can quickly and easily pay using their card, a bank transfer, or any safe digital payment option.

Enhanced security

Restaurants that offer contactless options provide an added layer of security for customers. Because customers can order their food without interacting with anyone, they can feel safe knowing that no one is handling or copying their cards. This gives customers peace of mind, making them more likely to return to the restaurant.


Numerous different businesses throughout the world accept contactless payments. Nowadays, the majority of companies, including hotels, restaurants, petrol stations, and grocery stores, accept contactless payments.

Better for International Travellers

Contactless payments are very practical when visiting another country. If a restaurant or hotel has a contactless menu, you can use your credit card there. This includes establishments in nations where you might typically need to exchange money.

Opinions of Consumers About Contactless Payments

Customer perceptions about contactless payment have changed. Because the majority of opinions concerning contactless payment systems are favourable, it isn't incorrect to say that most individuals utilise them for purchases after indulging in dining, shopping, or drinking activities. Customers now prefer contactless payments more often for essential factors, including speed, hygiene, and security, and traditional payment methods are being supplanted by contactless payment apps.

Use a Fast Checkout App For Your Restaurant

Customer on phone at table with food and searching Fast checkout option.

To begin a contactless payment application for your business, simply adhere to a few easy procedures. Let's go over these processes in detail.

First off, you can speak with the contracted banks in your restaurant to obtain a POS device that is compatible with contactless payments. By placing their cards or smart devices closer to this POS equipment, your clients can quickly take advantage of the contactless payment application. Moreover, contactless ordering has a number of stages you can follow.

Did you know that a single application may be used to oversee the entire process? The remainder of our post introduces FineDine.

FineDine is the Quickest Way to Receive Payments

User feedback indicates that the majority of restaurant managers and owners tend to prefer the restaurant management solutions created by FineDine.

With just one touch, FineDine makes it simple to create a free QR menu, receive orders, and take payments. Your consumers' senses will be stimulated by a QR Menu that is current, confident, and visually appealing. Your consumers will choose what they want to eat more easily than ever before, thanks to appealing images and delectable descriptions. Additionally, a lot more people will find it useful and enjoyable because it is available in more than 40 other languages.

FineDine’s Fast Checkout Solution

With FineDine, you may settle bills quickly with split and pay what options, turn tables more quickly, and improve customer satisfaction, which will lead to more tips.

    Even though we believe that your staff doesn't need to memorize all the order details with sides, drinks, and special requests, you may maintain your customary level of service while providing a more straightforward payment method. Putting less effort into paying the bills leaves more time for socializing.

    Using a QR Code, which can be scanned in less than ten seconds, allow your guests to pay their bill using their phones. They can choose which things to pay for in full, in a bespoke amount, or a percentage of the total. Save at least 15 minutes for each table, and preferably more for larger gatherings.

    As soon as a guest pays their payment, Fast Checkout records their names, emails, and order information. This useful information can be used to engage & reward your visitors.

    We enable checkout for all of your consumers by collaborating with top-tier payment partners. Debit cards, Apple Pay, & Google Pay all are options for payment.