What is Order & Pay at the Table?

An interaction between a woman and a man takes place at a counter, where they discuss an Order & Pay transaction.
Idil Aras
Idil Aras
November 29, 2022

One of the recommended choices is to order and pay at the table. In a busy environment like a restaurant, owners put a lot of effort into coming up with ideas to shorten meal times. One of the technological breakthroughs in restaurants that are revolutionizing the dining experience is the “order & pay,” or tableside ordering system.

According to the Go Technology Report last November, people are growing accustomed to mobile technology. Due to the epidemic, usage has risen, and 71% of customers now claim they usually use tech to pay for food & drink. Many restaurants were compelled to embrace digital ordering & payments to provide a safe dine-in experience.

Swiping the magnetic stripe on the back of the credit card was once the only way to use the card to make a purchase. The magnetic strip was formerly supposed to be an important invention, but it is no longer considered to be state-of-the-art technology. Nowadays, alternative payment methods—those that don't even call for a connection between the customer's payment method and the seller's terminal—are the focus of both customers and businesses. In this post, we'll talk about technology allowing ordering and purchasing at the table. Let's dive in!

What is Order & Pay at the table technology?

Technology that allows for customer order and payment at the table is effective and requires no hardware. Customers just scan a QR code at your location (often at the table, but occasionally outside at the window) to be taken to an interactive menu where they may make an order and pay in advance. Throughout the meal, more orders can be placed, and doing so will go much more quickly if the customer's phone has Google Pay or Apple Pay enabled.

Customers can view your menu online by scanning the QR code on their table with the QR code, navigating the menu to find your deals and novelties, and then selecting their dishes. After placing their order or at the conclusion of their meal, customers pay their bills by mobile device.

What advantages do Order & Pay at Table offer?

A person using a smartphone at a table, engaged in the 'Order & Pay' process.

Let's take a look at the benefits of the QR code ordering & payment system together.

Reduce contact

Restaurant owners can limit the time that staff members spend with customers. Direct interaction will only occur when waiters bring food to the tables.

Reduce order entry mistakes

By allowing consumers to place their own orders, you reduce the possibility of a side being overlooked or a substitute being forgotten. This relieves stress on your personnel and offers the customer confidence that their yearning will be satisfied. Perhaps this is why 46% of restaurant professionals believe mobile gadgets are critical to their company plan.

Increase employee tips & revenue

Happy customers are more likely to tip their servers generously and come back frequently.

Higher payment security

Customers may pay their checks at the table without giving their credit card information to anyone else, which is a big advantage. This reduces the possibility that a disgruntled employee may take credit card numbers, protecting both your customers and your restaurant.

No printing costs

The corporation will spend less money on outmoded menu editions if it generates more income. Digital menus make it possible to introduce any modifications quickly and affordably.

Give employees more time to concentrate on customers

Although it might seem counterintuitive, Order & Pay-at-Table technology allows your waiters more time to pay attention to the demands of the customers. Your crew will be able to ensure that every customer has a positive dining experience because they won't have to go back and forth to record orders and handle checks.

Customers with certain dietary requirements can order with ease

Guests with dietary restrictions can prefer placing their orders at the table rather than communicating their requirements to the service. With the aid of technology, they can place orders quickly and even include a message alerting the kitchen workers to any food allergies or intolerances.

Order & pay technology of the future: FineDine

Two women at a table, looking at a cell phone using an Order & Pay app.

Using FineDine technology, you can create and provide a digital menu for your restaurant. You may take contactless orders from your customers, enable contactless payments from them, and provide them with a simpler, faster, and safer tasting experience with the help of the FineDine application.

FineDine is incredibly user-friendly and offers a wide range of language possibilities. You can use the FineDine app to choose your payment options, digitize your restaurant's menu, and add visual components like videos and photographs. Following the orders, you may effectively examine the decisions you need to make for your restaurant utilizing the customer feedback FineDine collects. The ordering options provided by FineDine include a tablet menu, a QR menu, and quick payment. You can utilize tablet menus and QR menus to capture contactless orders from customers at your restaurant with the use of the FineDine application. Moreover, if you choose the speedy payment option, you can get money right away, without having to talk to anyone.

A tool for gathering information and examining consumer behavior

To determine the ideal content and layout for their business, restaurateurs can use FineDine to analyze the appearance, sales, and menu placements of each item. By using this data, restaurants may streamline their operations, make better judgments, and boost sales.

An interactive system that improves the user experience

Guests can peruse the menu, read extensive product descriptions, provide feedback, and order and pay from the same menu. Improving the user experience increases client satisfaction, which indirectly increases your company's income.

A tool that offers wise recommendations

The FineDine digital menu establishes a connection with the customer. It makes an effort to grab customers' attention by using eye-catching pop-ups. It offers helpful advice in an effort to increase sales.

A system for easily updating and improving the content of your menus

It is difficult to make daily modifications, and updates, or show seasonal menus alongside classic meals. However, with FineDine's digital menu, you may update or improve your menus with a few clicks anytime and wherever you want. FineDine digital menu allows you to add photographs or videos to your menu, promote your campaigns and special offers in this section, and include an explanation of dishes containing allergens.

FineDine, with all of these capabilities and more, is ready to meet you with smart solutions and a vision for your business.