What is Tableside Payment, and How It Boosts Revenues

Restaurant waiter assisting customers with tableside payment.
Ayseli İzmen
Ayseli İzmen
September 19, 2022

Tableside ordering and payment options are among the preferred options. Owners place a high focus on developing solutions to shorten meal periods in a busy setting like a restaurant. The tableside ordering system is one of the advancements in restaurant technology that is transforming the dining experience. Restaurant owners and staff benefit greatly from tableside ordering systems, So why not invest in this technology?

Tableside payment and ordering in fast-casual businesses is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Tableside meal ordering is the physical practice of allowing customers to interact with restaurants while avoiding the need for employees to take orders and finish payments. Customers must utilize a digital payment method, including a credit or debit card, for this to work. Customers can still use their technology to access a restaurant's menu, make a payment, or call the waitress. Since the start of the pandemic, several firms have successfully transitioned to digital menus and ordering choices.

Tableside payments have advantages for your business

Tableside ordering is becoming more and more popular among restaurants as they grasp its strength and how much more it can accomplish. The average check size can be increased, tips for servers can be increased, comps and voids can be decreased, and the overall customer experience can be improved using a handheld POS device small enough to fit in a server's apron pocket. Even when a restaurant has a staffing shortage, it might assist in raising sales. This is the secret to returning operators to control the restaurant industry of the future. Let's look at some of the benefits of tableside payment.

Happier employees

Accepting payments at the table might help your servers keep more organized and concentrated on their main goal: providing exceptional customer service. This is due to their ability to process orders more correctly, make fewer trips to the POS to take payments, and turn tables more quickly. They are also more likely to receive larger tips. Finally, when your employees make the best use of time, they are much more likely to be content with their work and are less likely to resign.

Improved client experience to boost loyalty

A positive customer experience is critical in developing a recurrent and loyal consumer base. Tableside ordering & payments eliminate the possibility of error and simplify the ordering and payment experience, providing your clients with a speedy and good way to obtain.

Accurate & faster orders

In order to complete a single payment using the conventional payment method, servers should travel at least twice. Because the check and the payment are handled in the same transaction, taking payments at the table saves time. Customers can place orders even more rapidly and without the problems associated with paper-based order processing if the tableside gadget is coupled with back-of-house technology.

Fewer voids brought on by out-of-stock products

There is a possibility for inventory discrepancies when there is a delay between receiving an order and processing the ticket, which results in a need for manager voids and lost time. Orders are automatically sent to the Kitchen Display System whenever employees use a tableside POS. Employees can view sold-out goods in real time from the kitchen at the same time. This enables them to warn clients and prevent the regret that results from ordering a meal that is no longer on the menu.

Tableside Payment and Better tips

Customers don't have to perform the math themselves and may even choose greater tip percentages when you offer tip ideas to them at the point of sale with the majority of portable devices.

A new-age payment tool for restaurants: FineDine

FineDine is a rapidly growing technology startup that provides menu management, order, and payment solutions for a more imaginative and profitable dining experience through data-driven digital tablet and mobile menus. FineDine, which was created in 2015, swiftly rose to prominence as one of the world's fastest-growing and most successful menu management systems. The platform is available in over 60 countries and 40 languages, reaching thousands of clients globally. FineDine can offer you a professional dining experience! Try FineDine if you want to increase client satisfaction and, as a result, your company's profitability.

The quickest way to settle the bill

With split and pay choices, you can settle invoices in under 10 seconds. Turn tables more quickly while enhancing client satisfaction. Increased client happiness equals more tips.

Hassle-free payments

Allow your guests to pay their bills in less than 10 seconds by scanning a QR Code with their phones. They can pay the entire bill, a custom amount, or just the items they would like to pay. Save fifteen minutes per table, or even more if you have a large gathering.

Maintain traditional service experience

Despite the fact that we believe your staff does not need to memorize all of the order items with sides, drinks, and special requests, you may maintain your typical service experience while delivering a simplified payment method. Less time spent paying expenses gives more time for entertaining.

Accept Credit Cards & e-Wallets

We make checkout available to all of your consumers by collaborating with world-class payment providers. They can pay using their preferred methods, such as credit cards, Apple Pay, or Google Pay.

Capture Data

When a guest's bill is paid, Fast Checkout saves their name, email, and order details. This vital data can be used to engage and reward your customers.

With FineDine, you can increase your revenue by more than 30% and get increased table turnover, increased ticket sizes, and increased tips. You can decrease operational costs by 30%, eliminate human errors, gain more control over your business, and update with just one click!