What will make a new restaurant a great restaurant?

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Ayseli İzmen
Ayseli İzmen
September 27, 2022

How do we make a new restaurant a great one? These days, you can make any product or business work through perception management and manipulation. Social media management and PR companies are going strong just to do that for their clients. Sometimes, they create a problem and offer you their product as the solution; other times, we are made to believe that the product is unique or will add value to our lives.

This is not the case in the restaurant industry, where quality and service standards are measurable. If a restaurant fails to deliver good quality food and service, it will soon fail. However, there is more to making a new restaurant a great restaurant than just food and service quality, and we want to share some restaurant tips for beginners in this article based on decades of experience.

Authenticity and Creativity

This is an area where we, as restaurant owners, have to look at things from the other side, from a customer’s perspective, with utmost empathy. People like your passion along with your food.

Good restaurant tips start with passion, and passion is best served with a pinch of authenticity, a personal touch, and a creative mind.

You may not be producing molecular miracles in your kitchen, and that is not the point. Your favorite burger with your grandma’s recipe or a different take on fish and chips will do. Just focus on where your passion lies, and people will feel and be drawn to that frequency.

From your decor and colors you use to the design of your menu and the way your team greets the guests to your plating and even the plates you use, be authentic. No one likes copycats and eateries lacking the soul. Whisper the character and the scene you want to create in your space. The rest will follow suit.


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The importance of location, or better said, the harmony and competitive advantage of the cuisine you serve with where you are located, is crucial.

Following everyone else to open just another vegan cafe in a town populated with this trend may not be the smartest of ideas. Sometimes, doing the opposite of everyone else is gold.

Observe the location you have an eye on, spend time and money eating at restaurants in the area, and see how and what you can do differently. Analyze the clientele, how much they spend, and on what. See if there’s a value you can add when your new restaurant opens its doors. Think about every single reason why people should and will choose your restaurant over others in the area.

The truth is that staying afloat is a long way away from doing things right on the way to becoming a great restaurant.

Think about every single detail of your location and your profitability in that location. What gap will you be filling in?

Choosing the Right Cuisine

Chef prepares food on plate with sauce.

To start with, mixed menus, where you can find everything, are out. It is not only a burdensome operation with too many ingredients and menu items for your kitchen but also a sign of poor vision.

Thinking of how to make a great restaurant? Remember that your restaurant will attract those you target. If you put front a confusing menu, your guests will be those who are confused and lost in life. Be clear about what you sell, and you’ll likely attract individuals with a vision in their lives who know what they want and have the resources to spend on what they desire.

Make a decision about what you know and love, so that you can talk about it with passion and pride. It will naturally create a story around you and your restaurant.

Designing a Profitable Menu

To make a new restaurant successful, perhaps the most important ingredient is to design a profitable menu, unless it’s your hobby or you’re running a charity kitchen by donation.

In order to do this, you need to follow one of the many formulas to calculate the actual cost of your plates. This calculation must include utility bills, payrolls, insurance, rent, supply shopping, etc.

You can then complement the price tag of your plates with your drinks menu. It’s easy to do once you get a grasp of it. Just make sure you are running a profitable restaurant, which is the sole reason for any commercial business.

Efficient Management

Tools for managing restaurants have been available for some time, but they are increasingly more popular and advanced. Most restaurant management solutions are pieces of software that can make your company function more smoothly. These technologies may be used to handle a variety of jobs, including managing menu items, inventory, staff scheduling, client feedback, office chores, real-time reporting, and more.

The size of your restaurant and the amount of complexity you want will determine the restaurant management tools you use. Choosing the best restaurant management tool for your company might be challenging because there are so many options on the market right now.

Don’t Fall Behind Times: Build an End-to-End Restaurant Management System

One such tech tool you must employ to track what works and what doesn't in the food industry is FineDine, a platform for creating next-generation menus that also combines digital payments. Utilizing your resources to the fullest extent possible requires the adoption of an all-inclusive, end-to-end restaurant management system.

You may provide your guests with a completely new experience that will unlock new opportunities for better customer service by designing your digital menu using a simple-to-use tool like FineDine.