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FineDine QR and Tablet solutions are easy to use and could be adopted by coffee shops. Avoid queues at your cafe and increase customer satisfaction.

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A single platform for multiple locations

Have a single platform where you can control your operations. Edit and update your menu, view sales and orders from all your branches on one platform. FineDine allows you to access real-time data of each location, saving you precious time and money.

Edit your menus at different shops separately

Some of your locations might have different needs such as different pricing, separate menu items, or even campaigns. With FineDine, you can edit and update your menu based on the needs of your branch. As a result, even if you have branches across the world, you can make specific changes anytime, anywhere.

Understand the dynamics of your operations

Leverage data coming from your branches. FineDine's data tools will allow you to make smart decisions based on sales trends. Compare sales, orders and measure guest satisfaction across different locations. Analyze the latest trends and understand the dynamics of your operations for a better strategy.

Manage your menu from one platform

Unify and update common configurations like dining options, menu, deals, payment types, taxes, and more. Control what each branch has the power to change on the menu. Combine reporting and onboard new locations with one click.
• Have consistent configurations across each location to maintain a standard brand image
• Control what each branch has the power to change on the menu
• Make informed decisions with real-time sales, view counts, and payment data across all your enterprise

Cater to the needs of all of your locations

FineDine offers multiple solutions such as tablet menus, QR menus, self-ordering kiosks, and curbside menus. As a result, you can cater to the needs of all of your locations. For instance, while some of your venues offer a drive-thru, others might only provide pick up and delivery. Depending on the business needs of your branch, you can customize the dining experience.

24/7 Support

Having problems? Don't worry. FineDine's support team is available on 24/7 to support and guide you if you have any inquiries. Our experienced customer success team has a hands-on approach to solve your problems.

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