Provide A+ Quality Experience to Your Guests

FineDine QR and Tablet solutions will enhance the dining experience of your guests at your fine dine restaurant.

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Deliver the best dining experience

Offer an elegant, simple and high-quality menu with your branding. Add product descriptions, allergens and modifiers with one click. Simply choose a paper menu layout or include eye-catching visuals of your dishes to enhance the dining experience. Match the aesthetic of your food with your menu.
• Increase efficiency in staffing
• Eliminate errors when ordering
• Increase service quality

Increased Customer satisfaction in your restaurant

Display your menu in multiple languages, and let your guests browse the menu in their preferred language. Increase customer satisfaction by eliminating errors in communication. Provide exceptional service for your international customers easily.

Edit and update your menu with one click

You can make quick changes to your menu, including daily specials such as catch of the day, chef’s special or tasting menus with one click. Are out of daily dishes such as fish of the day? No problem. Add and remove items with one click. Your menu will be updated automatically across your restaurant, website, and social media.

Understand the dining habits of your customers

While you offer high-quality food and exceptional dining experience, understand your restaurant’s trends and make smart, data-driven business decisions. Track restaurant sales and understand your customer’s purchasing patterns.
• Compare and analyze food and beverage sales
• Get insights on sales data to optimize your operations
• Find sales patterns and optimize your menu

Collect feedback to maintain high customer satisfaction and service quality

Guest satisfaction is one of the most important factors in fine dine restaurants performance and purpose. Ask your guests what they think of their time at your restaurant. Collect scores and comments through FineDine to automatically save and review them. Take action towards negative feedback immediately to increase guest satisfaction.
• All your feedback is saved on the cloud
• Export your feedback results anytime
• Improve your service based on your customers' feedback.

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