Build your digital menu for your food truck, on the go.

Allow your customers to order directly using their smartphones, manage the order queue and shorten customer wait times with FineDine Tablet or QR Menu.

Trusted by the Leading Businesses Around the World

Offer a faster and better ordering experience

Display your contactless QR menu or tablet menu in front of your food truck to allow your guests to browse your menu easily. Food truck owners can easily track their incoming orders in order to serve more customers at speed.

Offer a hassle-free ordering experience

Collecting orders can be a hassle for food truck owners. With FineDine QR and Tablet Menus, you can easily collect and manage your orders and optimize preparation and cooking time. Providing better and faster service and improving guest satisfaction.

Focusing solely on cooking delicious food

FineDine allows food trucks to provide the fastest service experience. Guests can submit their orders via their phones or tablets, and simply wait for them to be prepared with zero human interaction. Promoting both speed and safety.

Check your stock & edit your menu on the go

With FineDine, you can fully control and edit your menu anytime and anywhere. Make quick changes to your menu, add or remove items, and include daily specials such as “Sandwich of the day” with one click. You can also edit your menu based on your stock. Once you are done editing, your menu will be updated automatically.

Easy to use, easy to learn

FineDine allows food trucks to digitize their menus easily. Our QR and Tablet Menu solutions are easy to implement, use and learn. As a result, you can keep doing what you do best, cooking delicious food.

Track your sales and understand your customer

With the help of FineDine, you can better understand your customers. You can track which sandwich or side item sells the most. Understanding the purchasing patterns of your customers is key to maximize profit.

  • Find which items provide the highest margin
  • Understand and analyze view/sales data.
  • Compare beverage and snack sales periodically.

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