Create a tablet menu for your coffee shop

Create a tablet menu for your coffee shop

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Coffee is an art with many aspects

A cup of coffee is not just a drink. The journey starts with the bean, continues with roasting, brewing and ends with the presentation. There is a lot of thought and effort that goes in each cup and your gusets deserve to know that they’re drinking the best coffee! Display all information you want to share along with your baristas’ careful presentations.

Customizable coffee selection

Everybody has their own preference for coffee. Some like it with milk, some enjoy it with different flavors and some people like their coffee plain. There are countless options when it comes to having a cup of our favorite drink! Display all options you offer on your menu and allow guests to make their own choices.

Upsell dishes & desserts

Coffee is great on its own. But it’s even better with a slice of cake or cookie to go with it! Recommend and upsell your recommendations with each coffee option to increase revenue and offer the best coffee experience possible.

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