FineDine Tablet Menu

Menu Management

Creating restaurant menus has never been easier! With Finedine Menu’s user-friendly control panel, you can create as many menus as you like and publish them anytime. The menu wizard helps you add categories and items, sort these and publish the ones you want to see on your tablet menu. It is also possible to duplicate, localize and delete a menu with the wizard. It is everything about “Menu Management” in a single tool.

Order Management

FineDine allows you to take orders from the application smoothly and accurately. We offer several different ordering modes to meet different needs. All orders placed through the app can easily be managed from the control panel on the web. If you have a POS and printer integration, the same order will be printed out at the kitchen and be sent to your POS as well. Learn more about ordering here.

Full Service

This is best way to manage a few tables with the same tablet or if you want to keep your tablets mobile inside the restaurant. Orders are managed by tickets and order submit can be done either by the guest or the waiter.

Table Top Mode

The tabletop mode works best with tablets assigned to a specific table. Guests can place their orders from the automatically assigned tablet and all information will be sent to the control panel directly.

Kiosk Mode

The app automatically creates a new ticket and a ticket number for each guest to submit their order. You can keep track of all orders with their ticket number and make sure all customers receive exactly what they ordered.
Seamless Payment

FineDine integrates with payment systems to allow restaurants to take orders and collect payment directly over the application. Customers can simply place their orders through the app, pay their bill without any assistance!

Campaign Management

Generate more profit by promoting your special offers or advertising other businesses. With time based or item based campaign options, you can make your menu make money for you.

Feedback & Survey Management

Collect instant and effective feedback from your customers in seconds. Keep track of customer behavior, identify what works and improve what’s missing.

Multiple Design Themes

Design your menu to reflect your ideas and business. Build themes that tell your customer who you are. Create new themes for special occasions and seasons to keep your customers engaged.

Additional Features

Cross Sell

Show your choice of side dishes, appetizers, desserts and drinks to make the most of cross selling and increase your revenue just with your menu.

HQ Images and Videos

Get your customers hungry by displaying all the items on your menu with mouth-watering images and videos.

Data-Driven Menu

The Dashboard gives you an analysis of the most and least viewed items, daily sales, revenue share across categories, average ticket size and much more!


FineDine Menu can be integrated with your kitchen printer and POS to allow customers to submit their orders directly from the app to your own system!

All Items in Detail

Photos and videos

Display your mouthwatering dishes with beautiful pictures and videos! Make your customers go crazy over your presentations.

Ingredient warnings

Enrich your tablet menu with allergen warnings and ingredients of your dishes to inform your customers better. Serve your customers with special preferences.

Multiple prices and currency

Utilize different pricing methods for your dishes to increase sales and satisfy all customers. Give your dishes multiple prices based on portion sizes, plates and toppings!

Detailed descriptions

Show detailed descriptions in your tablet menu and tell the story of your dishes to your customers.


Show the calories of your dishes on your tablet menu to get on the health train.

Preparation time

Display the preparation time of the dishes on your tablet menu to inform customers better. Don’t leave your customers waiting and improve customer experience.

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