Restaurant Management System

Send orders from FineDine to Foodics automatically
Smart Order Management
FineDine integrates with your Foodics POS for a perfectly streamlined order management. The orders your guests place from the FineDine app are sent to your Foodics POS immediately. All your employees and tables can be synced to FineDine which allows you to keep track of every order with all the necessary details. You can easily see the reports for inventory, sales and much more over Foodics with the cooperation of your menu!

Your Menu & Your POS in Sync

Your menu on Foodics can be synced to FineDine 100%. Every single detail is perfectly matched to offer the best ordering experience for you and your guests. When you want to make an update on your menu, simply change it on the system and sync within seconds! Save time by syncing all updates through the cloud with a single click. Everything is updated real-time across your restaurant for the most simplified management possible.

Perfect Data with Every Order

FineDine sends the orders received directly to Foodics and printed out at the kitchen to be prepared. Every single detail provided by your guest is reflected on the ticket to minimize confusions and mistakes. This helps you offer a better dining experience to all guests and reduce food waste due to incorrect orders. Guests can select what they want to order on FineDine, modify it according to their preferences, add notes and send all information straight to the kitchen! When the order is complete, it will be reflected on your inventory and sales reports.

Improved Dining Experience

71% of young adults prefer to order for themselves from a table-side tablet. By integrating your FineDine menu to your Foodics POS, you can make sure that the ordering experience is smooth for you, your staff and your guests! Guests can place their orders to be submitted to Foodics directly. The ticket stays open on FineDine and Foodics until checkout. At any point during their meal, guests can revisit the menu to browse through more options and place orders again. No meal is complete without a dessert!

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