Take payments seamlessly

Take payments seamlessly

Paymennt and FineDine want to help you reach new customers and attract more regulars all from one platform while keeping your staff and guests happy.

Key benefits

Smart Payment Management

FineDine integrates with paymennt for perfectly streamlined payment management. Guest can make payments from FineDine digital menu easily and fast. All payments are sent to your POS, Paymennt and FineDine dashboard enabling you to keep track of every payment with all the necessary details.

A fully integrated online payment system

FineDine is fully integrated with paymennt. All payments are sent to your POS, FineDine and Paymennt dashboard. Get notified when your customer makes a payment and track the performance of your dishes from FineDine’s dashboard.

Get Real-Time Analytics

Track your customers’ actions to identify daily sales & profits data, revenue share, and the average ticket size. Use analytics to make better decisions and streamline your operations in your venue.

Increased Tips

Let your staff offer your customers a much more personalized experience. By taking direct payments and orders from FineDine digital menu, you can enhance your guests' dining experience and focus on providing better hospitality. Free up your staff to enjoy increased tips and customer satisfaction.

Collect secure payments

Paymennt is regulated and PCI Level 1 compliant and implements world-class fraud detection. Let your guests pay for their meals without having to download an additional app or visit a website. Collect secure payments from your digital menu and streamline your operations.

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