Send orders from FineDine to POS Rocket seamlessly

Send orders from FineDine to POS Rocket seamlessly

POS Rocket and FineDine want to help you reach new customers and attract more regulars all from one platform.

Key benefits

Smart Order Management

FineDine integrates with your POS Rocket POS for a perfectly streamlined order management. Guest orders placed using FineDine are immediately sent to your POS Rocket POS, syncing all staff, and tables with FineDine, enabling you to keep track of every order with all the necessary details. Also, you can easily track inventory, sales, and much more over POS Rocket with the addition of your menu data!

Your Menu & Your POS in Sync

You can perfectly sync your existing menu on POS Rocket with FineDine. All you have to do is to make changes on the FineDine Dashboard, and your menu will sync with your POS Rocket POS system within seconds! Save time by syncing all updates through the cloud with a single click. All menu, order, payment, and table data is updated in real-time across your systems for a simplified and efficient management experience.

Perfect Data with Every Order

All orders received through FineDine are directly sent over to POS Rocket POS and printed out at the kitchen to be prepared. Guests can pick items, modify orders based on their preferences, add notes using a FineDine Digital Menu. All order information is then sent straight to the kitchen, minimizing order mishaps and waste! Once the orders are passed on, all necessary changes will be automatically reflected on your inventory and sales reports in your POS Rocket POS.

Improved Dining Experience

71% of young adults prefer to order for themselves from their personal mobile phones. By integrating your FineDine menu to your POS Rocket POS, you can assure a smooth ordering experience for your staff and guests! Guests can place their orders to be submitted directly on POS Rocket. The ticket will remain open on FineDine and POS Rocket until checkout. Guests can revisit the menu throughout their meal to browse through more options and place orders again. Remember, no meal is complete without a dessert!

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