Branded Tablet Menu For Elevated Dining

All-in-one tablet menu solution that offers great customer experience with unique visuality and various smart functions

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Enhanced Dining Experience with a Branded Design

FineDine Tablet Menu allows you to display a top-notch menu fully customized for your brand on digital tablets. Get your customers hungry for your dishes with enticing images, videos, and descriptions. Help them make their decisions with detailed information such as calories, allergen & ingredient warnings for a truly exclusive dining experience.

Seamless Ordering & Payment

FineDine Tablet Menu allows your guests to place their orders from the tablets. All orders are sent to the FineDine dashboard, your kitchen printers, and the POS system. You can collect online payments directly from the tablets to create a seamless ordering and payment process.

Offer Recommendations & Promotions

FineDine Tablet Menu helps you to create informative campaigns, promotions and detailed item pages to offer additional information about your menu items. Smart Recommendations helps you to increase check sizes. Your guests can see food/beverage recommendations in accordance with their item choices.

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